1. Re: What's your favorite under-represented genre?

      #4 Main Characters that are likable and relatable. Not total wimps, not total pervs, and/or do not have a childhood and past that are so horrible any normal person would have offed themselves long ago. (...)

    2. Re: Science trumps Magic! [Looking for]

      I just read one called The Technic Master. Earth gets formatted into a game system to join the universe, then everything from goblins to dragons show up (who have access to higher technology). There's (...)

    3. Re: What's your favorite under-represented genre?

      Honestly? Anything actual with quality writing. Non-human MCs.  I saw all these being under-represented on RR and decided to change that. But i want to see other authors try for them as well.  Science (...)

    4. RE: Yet Another Question About Chapter Releases and Lengths

      I suppose my first goal in this would be 4-5k word chapters 2 or 3 times a week, but since that more than doubles what I'm currently doing, it may take a while. Then don't do that. If you can (...)

    5. RE: I'd like separate word totals for stories

      If it's easy to calculate, why do you bundle all the words for every story an author writes into one total and then round it down to thousands and in some cases (i.e. mine) hundreds of thousands? Why (...)

    6. RE: I'd like separate word totals for stories

      It's 275 words per page. Not all that hard to calculate~ What if there's less than 275 words on the page? Does it count it as a full page or ignore it? What if there's only one word on that page, (...)

    7. RE: I'd like separate word totals for stories

      That is a rough estimation, yes. But the counting script is currently being updated to make it more precise, as we've found it has issues with the way we store chapters. Thanks! It's good to know (...)

    8. I'd like separate word totals for stories

      I know I'm in a severe minority here, but I really would like to know how many words I have in each story; and not just the total words for all the stories I have on here. As I write more and more, the (...)

    9. RE: Are there novels where MC is a blacksmith and has game elements

      Are there novels where MC is a blacksmith and has game elements  with litrpg There's a couple where the MC has the blacksmithing skill and uses it in a LitRPG virtual fantasy world. Master of All, (...)

    10. RE: Looking for summoner/tamer stories.

      I don't actually have a suggestion, I just thought it was funny that I read 'tamer' stories and thought you meant 'less intense' and not an actual creature tamer. :)

    11. RE: Use of the profanity tag.

      Hello, I am new to RRL so please bear with me. If my story has profanity used in the form of %$$#! or F%$#! etc. Do I still need to have the profanity tag up? I want to know how bad it has to be until (...)

    12. RE: At what point should I add the gore tag to my story?

      If you're not going to have regular gore (slit throats, spurting blood, decapitation, lost fingers/hands/limbs, disembowelment, etc.), then wait until you actually put it in the story, and add the tag (...)

    13. RE: Somehow my avatar has changed??

      So I had a different Avatar before, it was a pic of Rimuru from Slime Tensei. Anyway to know if the change was because of some site thing, or if an admin did something? Should I worry about my account (...)

    14. RE: Hwo do writers know who from RRL bought their work on Amazon?

      The writer would post the 'buy book' link on their book here, then anyone that clicked the link would be sent to Amazon to buy the book. They would just count the clicks from this site (which I assume (...)

    15. RE: Forget changing the Rating system, I want to know who rated me!

      What exactly would you do with that information? Go into a heated debate against the guy that rated you? Rate all of his stories poorly in some crude attempt of a revenge? Shame him on the forums? (...)

    16. RE: Forget changing the Rating system, I want to know who rated me!

      Okay, so you've come up with a few reasons why anonymous ratings should be abolished. Now weigh that with some reason to keep the anonymous ratings and continue your debate. -like a friend that doesn't (...)

    17. Forget changing the Rating system, I want to know who rated me.

      That's right. The rating system is fine as it is, except that I want the authors to see who does it. The information is already there (I'm pretty sure, since the mods can investigate trolling reports and (...)

    18. RE: Suggestion: Ability to hide rating system from the Author.

      The problem is, the people who do read instructions and warnings on a website are probably not the ones who need to be advised about the nature of ratings. :/ I mean, we have a big grey box above the (...)

    19. RE: [Suggestion] fairer ratings

      the thing is it doesn't matter what score you give, even if they give it a 1 star, or maybe even a 2 star, if it is the worst rating, it won't be counted. Let's say:there is a novel who has these (...)

    20. RE: [Suggestion] fairer ratings

      Wouldn't it be better if we don't include the best and worst ratings , on the overall rating score? Like say, the top and bottom 5-10%. It would make a fairer score, since there won't be any trolls (...)