Roaming the world, a slice of life

Needs better bait... and a hook... possibly the whole fisherman.

I'm reviewing early on account of the fact this has thus far reads like lukewarm, stale water. A guy (Dean) appears and starts killing system generated enemies literally like clockwork and training with only instinct as guidance. No stated memories.I

There's nothing here to capture interest outside of curiosity. 

Spelling and grammar are ok, but some things jump out at me and irritate my over-sensitive sensibilities.

I'd rate this lower but

A) I'm trying to be nice


B) I really like the cklor used for the blue boxes

The Runesmith

So far this is a generic isekai of mostly internal monologuing that needs a heavy edit pass. The future prepackaged harem has been introduced as of chapter 10 along with a  token, inexplicably affectionate little sister in 6 or 7. I could be wrong about the harem but I doubt it.

I'll throw a follow on this but I predict it will evaporate into the realm of dropped works before hitting 20. If I'm wrong I keep reading, unless it gets too much more tedious; if I'm right, I'm a prophet.

A Practical Guide to Sorcery

Provided updates continue regularly, (or possibly speed up) I expect to see this story Trending well at some point. Grammar is flawless, premise is interesting. Again as long as this keeps up I'm happy to have found it so early.


I came for the premise, I held out for a promise of emotional development...

64 chapters in and the MC is is just as dull/boring/bland annd frankly unlikeable as ever. This is a story that doesn't need to be told, there is no emotion, there is no entertainment value. 


Villager Three

Another author we need to shackle to the writing desk.

Binged all night. 

I'll let other reviewers do the detailed advanced thing.

I  ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶  need more.

The Chronic Reincarnator (hiatus)

Might be good but the limp, apathetic MC just kills my desire to read further. The emotional state of the MC is understandable but the humor is more sad and falls flat. Information delivery is very much so told to the the reader. I'm calling it quits when the savior char goes out of his way to impose knowledge and help unasked for almost against the MCs wishes. Editing needs work as well as a side comment.

Vainqueur the Dragon

To balance the half star rating I gave the last story I looked at. Also is good.

Opening an orphanage in another world

I couldn't get through half of the first paragraph, this is unreadable at this point in time. If anyone can work through this they have the patience of a saint and/or the mental fortitude of a brick.

Isekai Avenger

Interesting concept but, meh.

The biggest problem I have with this story is that it fails in the adage: Show, don't tell.

The entire story up to where I've read (Ch. 7) has been a monologue of the MC telling us what is happening. Sometimes a little repetitively if I'm not confusing this with another story.

It's also a bit boring since there is no perceived peril to the protagonist. He has no weakness. There is no visible method of winning against him.
Nuked from orbit? Body hop as seen in Prologue.

The Gods' Decree

Rough but enjoyable, mostly

Binged through the 37 chapters, last one titled You Cheater. Feels like a complete volume, despite the synopsis implying more to come possibly.

The English is rough, lots of confused spelling, capitalization, grammar issues. The speech quotations were hard to follow, with each sentence being its own line regardless if it was the same speaker.

While I'm not the biggest fan of Grammarly, this could use a healthy dose of that treatment. Seriously, sign up for an account if you haven't and copy-paste-review your chapters one at a time

I want to take off extra stars somewhere for using the Mount Tai-Eyes phrase.


I am a bit of a language elitist, but I did like what I read and hope for more.