1. Re: What's the oddest/dumbest bad review you've received?

      Every single .5 rating anyone ever gives. You know if the book's in English, no matter how bad it is, a .5 is never about the book. Maybe the dude hates women writers, or is angry about a gay character, (...)

    2. Re: How deep is too deep?

      Well the obvious answer is "when you come out the other side." Doesn't matter if you just punched straight through or took all the twists and turns inside to come out the exit, it's messy either way. (...)

    3. Re: Comment Sanctions?

      John did explicitly give you a way out of this sanction in his post. You can just, you know, do that and not intentionally try to get banned or something. Instead of trying to "find things to be more sensitive (...)

    4. Re: Some words are cool

      Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia No, I'm joking. But I do like the word "cacophony". Sound appropriate to its meaning. "Glories" is also, well glories. You mean glorious?

    5. Re: Which Monsters are Copyrighted?

      So if you have want to create a race of dark elves you cannot call them Drow, Night Elves, or the Drunmer and copy them from their sources and insert them into your story. Others seem to have answered (...)

    6. Re: Some words are cool

      Calipygian, knowing it feels like you're in an elite club and there's a grin every time you incite others to look it up. As for other cool words: ice, freeze, snow, arctic, antarctic, blizzard, sleet, (...)

    7. Re: Comment Sanctions?

      Alright, can confirm, writing comments is allowed, post button is allowed, just errors out saying, "you bad". The most frustrating block. This is gonna put a damper on my honest and legit rise to the reputation (...)

    8. Re: Comment Sanctions?

      Good to test things out then, I guess. Couldn't I get 4 more hits for a nice round 50? It's like I've barely done a thing. Suppose I'm gonna have to find things to be more sensitive to and insulted by (...)

    9. Re: Comment Sanctions?

      I suspect that what the author did is lock ALL comments for that chapter. So not aimed at you. Was there some argument or something going on? They can also lock a comment or thread.  This isn't something (...)

    10. Comment Sanctions?

      Ok, I am perplexed at the meaning of having an account "sanctioned from commenting" now. I thought what it implied and  was effectively a chat ban. I was notified 15 hours ago of it and at the time I checked (...)

    11. Re: What is considered an Isekai?

      For those of you who have read the fantastic His Dark Materials series; would this be considered an Isekai? I'd argue yes. To my recollection there was no transportation of any character from one world (...)

    12. Re: Questioning word choice

      I'm discussing with an author about his usage of the word quota in his story, we're looking for a third party opinion on this https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/21803/serial-transmigrator/chapter/315148/chapter-18?comment=1976045┬Čification=True#comment-1976045 (...)