some total kretin

some total kretin

Tori Transmigrated

Tori Transmigrated
by Aila Aurie
776 pages

The last thing 40-year-old project manager Tori Felix remembered was scrolling through a wiki article about a dating sim game franchise while on the shinkansen.  Then she was hurled forward to the sound of metal creaking, the smell of smoke, and was knocked out.

When Tori woke, she was in a lavish four poster bed with a splitting headache and in the bruised teenage body of a Marquis' arrogant daughter from the popular dating sim "The Romance of Soleil".   

Problem #1:  There is a possibility she's dead in her world.  This meant she couldn't meet up with her friends.  Also, her tickets to Universal Studios were useless now.

Problem #2:  This body may be young, but weaker than her original.  And where were her boobs?

Lastly, Problem #3: She now inhabited the body of Victoria de Guevera; the villainess of "The Romance of Soleil" whose final ending, according to the wiki article, was a violent death at the hands of sex slavers.  

With just a few weeks before the heroine and the villainess collide, there is no time for an existential crisis.  Tori took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and whispered her personal mantra: 

"Assess the situation, then make a plan of action.  You don't want to die like a b-tch."

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Adagio of the Enlightened

Adagio of the Enlightened (...)
by CatVI
451 pages

The Elders will tell you the stories and lore. Of our ancestors, their deeds, and of the foes of yore. They will praise to you the chariot, and how it flew to the stars. How it stole the sun's light and slew the night’s roar.

The Shamans will tell you the tales of their wisdom. Their wars on schism, and the unlettered world of ours before. Perhaps they will sing you the songs of what our clans' ancient customs tore. Poems of how our ancestors took what the discs had offered them, the manna and the mundane, and made it more.

The kings will tell you of the follies, the sins, and the anecdotes of all our ancestors' wrongs. They will curse to you their names, the Ender of Fate and the Ruined Song. How they had dug up the hearts of the discs, euchred its relics, and blasphemed its prophecies, with oracles withdrawn.

But they will only tell you the legends, recount the myths, and sing the allegories washed ashore.

The Elders, the Shamans, and the kings can only retell what the storytellers of their own time had voiced. What they have read in books or heard in the minstrels' songs they adore.

They don't know what really happened. They were never there.

They can't tell you how our ancestors slew the angels from the sky, and sent them back to where they belonged. How they poisoned our minds, and made our people slothful and feeble, with the reforms they had undergone.

But I can.

I can tell you how the Ender of Fate severed destiny's strings, weakened them, and weaved them to our feeble flesh and souls.

I can tell you how the Ruined song razed the heavens with her blood-stained melody, and reshaped our hell into utopia, with the deaths she deplored.

Because I was there. I can tell you the truth, with my virtue strong.


Disclaimer: This will be a slow-burn, character-driven, non-harem, slice-of-life web novel with cultivation and kingdom-building elements. Also known as "The Hidden Sage and the Star Chariot" on "Reddit HFY".

Schedule: First 7 days, 3 chapters daily. Then 1 daily chapter until November.

Patreon -  (Unlock up to chapter 67)

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

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Trickster’s Song [A LitRPG Portal Fantasy]

Trickster’s Song [A LitRPG (...)
by TomOBedlam
381 pages

After a drunken college ritual goes very wrong (or very right), Robin wakes up, naked, in a world of dark priests, angry kobolds, and Lost Gods. The priest wants to crush his will. The kobolds want to catch and eat him. The Lost God, well, it's not yet clear exactly what he wants. None of them care what Robin wants.

Robin would like to explore this new world without all the messy complications, thanks. He finally has a bit of real magic at his fingertips, but the monsters on every side won't let him relax long enough to enjoy it! The only tools he has to survive are his wits, the strange messages that keep flashing before his eyes, and a newly-discovered talent for illusions. It’s nothing game-breaking…or is it?

*** *** ***

This fiction features a bi male protagonist (think Kinsey 5 level).

Robin will progress through various levels of power at a steady pace. Progression will be at a moderate pace. The rise to power is far from meteoric.

Trickster's Song will update on Mondays and Thursdays each week. Expect Updates to usually post between 16.30 and 17.00 GMT (London Time)

If you would like to help increase the posting rate to 3, 4, or even 5 times per week for everyone, or if you'd like to read ahead on your own, check out our Patreon:

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Tales of the Implock - A LitRPG Monster Evolution Story

Tales of the Implock (...)
by Konge
292 pages

Nyx - A demon, weak and small, too fleeting of a creature to survive the infernal wastes in which he was born - but after multiple brushes with death, the otherwise inconsequential demon experiences a destiny-changing encounter with an unknown and eccentric god, foreign to this world. Cast from the domains of old and conspiring gods to a land of which is sheltered from the divine, beyond the reach of whence they scheme, the impling who soon would come to be known far and wide as Nyx will find a new purpose.

Born of Pride, with the fires of ambition fanned and burning deep within, Nyx will grow, learn, and evolve. From a weak and pathetic impling, to that of a mighty arch demon of untold demonic power, nothing would stand in the way of his ascent.

Yet, the yearn of power might not be the only thing the power-manic demon will come to desire as he will encounter others who might just matter as much to him as the ecstasy of power does.

This story features a wide breadth of characters with unconventional views, morals, and actions. There is no black and white - there is only grey. In a world where strength rules, notions of good and evil blur. The protagonist of this story is not a hero. He is not human. He is a megalomaniac demon trying to find his place in the world of which he has been discarded.

This novel is my first crack at making something serious, a piece of work I can be proud of. It is a part of a bigger universe that I am creating, The Aethos, and I fully intend for this story to be professionally edited, then self-published on Amazon. The novel will continue on for a long adventure, as each arc will be made into a proper book. Therefore I heavily encourage feedback and interaction. Anything to improve my story and my writing is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and welcome to the Aethos.

[Schedule] - Five chapters a week.

[Discord] - Here

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Steamforged Sorcery [A Steampunk LitRPG]

Steamforged Sorcery [A (...)
by Actus
375 pages

This is a fantasy story in a steampunk setting, not a sci-fi.

The Great War ravaged the face of the earth many years ago. In the years that passed, the world rebuilt, mixing machinery and magic to form something new. Great blimps took to the sky, belching steam and smoke as metal cities sprouted like weeds below.

Angel, a talented mage, scours the desert endlessly in search of lost knowledge. When it unexpectedly falls into his hands, he quickly comes to realize that the world is far larger – and far more deadly – than he ever could have predicted. But no amount of danger is going to keep Angel from seeking out greater strength and traveling the world, claiming all the greatest treasure that it has to offer.

To most, the desert is a dangerous threat to be feared. To Angel, it’s a land of opportunity, waiting to be exploited.

Steamforged Sorcery is, as the title suggests, a LitRPG Steampunk story with heavy focus on magic and scenery. The main character starts out relatively strong (but far from overpowered) but will eventually grow in strength to incredible levels. It is moderately paced and does not progress at ridiculous speeds. 

Release Schedule: 1,500 words daily Monday-Friday

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The 3rd Law of Cultivation: Qi = MC^2

The 3rd Law of Cultivation: (...)
by Werds_Are_Tough
250 pages

In which we break down the science behind the Dao.

A lighthearted story about a guy transmigrated into a Xianxia who decides to make the best of his situation by pursuing his love for Science. 


Uploads Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 11 am EST

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Dawn of the Nexus (Kingdom building LitRPG)

Dawn of the Nexus (Kingdom (...)
by Roninek
444 pages

Meet Peter ‘Horn’ Kowalsky – The champion! The prodigy! The winner of the ToN master league in 2032!

Peter played games his whole life, finally reaching the top. In the final tournament in a worldwide RTS-RPG blockbuster, he won the Global event. His victory secured him a spot in the pre-release of a new game, Dawn of the Nexus. THE VRMMORPG-RTS masterpiece that the whole world was waiting for.

Join him on his journey into a new unexplored world, a realm which the pre-release players will build up from scratch. Leading his clan of dwarven warriors and crafters, he has limited time to prepare before the wave of players will change everything.

He'll need trusted champions and allies, as the danger and competition will be close by. It will be the actual test of his determination, cunning, and planning skills and a lot of sweat and virtual blood. Will he find himself in the new world? Will he again reach the top? Will it even be worth it?



If you're a fan of:

- Base building

- Clan & Army management

- Battles, both small and large

- Looting and crafting

And if you dislike:


- The chosen one cliché

- Grand quest to save the universe

Then you'll find yourself at home. I hope you'll enjoy the read!


Updates thrice-weekly: Mon – Wed – Fri  

PS. The true base-building won't start for a while. It will become the main focus of the story, but the introduction into a new world will take a while. Bits and pieces of it will appear from the beginning, but most of the gritty stuff won't come for the first twenty, thirty chapters. 

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by Pastafarian
661 pages

Magic. Math. Not a whole lot of context.

Two months ago, I was a wormhole navigator, ripping open a hole in the universe to save a ship of people who only vaguely tolerated me. Two weeks ago, long story short, I threaded an impossible path through the void between dimensions to crash-land into a dungeon. You know the kind: monsters to defeat, corridors full of traps to avoid, and magical powers to earn.

I'm not ashamed to admit that it's been two weeks of loneliness, fear, adrenaline, and constant injury. But I'll make it out of here by myself if I have to, or my name isn't Adam Leviathan James.

... too bad the Levi doesn't stand for Leviathan, huh.

AN: Expectations should include in medias res, violence, smut, friendship, and powers/progression systems with absolutely an insufficiency of context and (at least at first) no definitions or explanations, and magic-as-programming/engineering (with something of an emphasis on "what if magical runework were an analogue to circuit diagrams").

This story used to be called "Yet Another Godsforsaken Isekai". Discord server:

Cover by the amazing Daedalus of The Way Ahead.

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The Dog at the End of the World

The Dog at the End of (...)
by Skwrepb
291 pages

Lucky Lachlan is just your average mutt. He's been living with his Girl for as long as he can remember and he'd do anything for her. He might have to do more than he bargained for.

One day when he awakened from his mid-day nap, he saw a box. It had no scent and floated calmly in the air.

Greetings Lucky Lachlan!

You have been chosen.

The End is coming in three days.  Prepare yourself!

Thanks to Kieran Pierce for the lovely cover!

Dog at the End of the World is a participant in writathon.

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Echoes of the Tribulation: An Historical Apocalypse LitRPG Series.

Echoes of the Tribulation: (...)
by Carl Dehal
701 pages

What you can expect:

 The year is 1329, and the Horns of the Apocalypse are about to sound.

In a small Scottish town, a young boy begins a journey from a carpenter's apprentice to one of the most powerful forces in the Host of the Heavens.

His Journey: A path of adversity lies before him, spanning from the Scottish Borders to the Spanish Reconquista, the Holy Land, and Realms beyond. 

His Ascension: An unceasing trial, where one misstep may condemn his soul. Our hero must discover a path of progress and conquest over mythical beasts, hordes of demons, and the other fell beings created by the System for the Tribulation of Mankind. 

His Tribulation: Will he live by the Words of God, be guided by his own intent, or will other forces claim him for their own ends?

His Fate: ...

Is yet to be determined.

Discover the wonder of the Tribulation Apocalypse in Chapter one of the Echoes of the Tribulation: an Historical Apocalypse LitRPG Series.

Current Schedule (As at October 2021): 1 chapter per week.

Updates on Schedule available in Pre-Chapter Author Notes.
Thanks for reading!

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Tentacles, loot boxes and apocalypse [monster evolution story]

Tentacles, loot boxes (...)
by Resinling
114 pages

Good news - hell is full! So you are going to have to find something else to do with yourself. How about becoming a tentacle monster, doing small tasks for the gods... and maybe ending the world?

Cute medusas included. Slightly interactive.

It's a story of a guy who reincarnates as a tentacle monster in fantasy world. He grows stronger by doing tasks, which allows him to get loot boxes. Loot boxes content will be suggested by readers, then rolled on discord.

Posting this on RoyalRoad and ScribbleHub

Cover 2, full image:

Art by Yona Saura:
Instagram: (NSFW)
ArtStation: (NSFW)

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Reborn From the Cosmos

Reborn From the Cosmos (...)
by Azazel E
747 pages

Lourianne Tome is a mildly talented, underachieving, slightly lecherous summoner who wants nothing more than to live a simple life away from her father's expectations. Those dreams are waylaid when a madman knocks her carriage off the road and sacrifices her to power a summoning. After a fateful encounter with a powerful elemental, Lou becomes something other than human and embarks on a journey to live happily and bring a little amusement to a god tired of the world's status quo.

This is a mainly slice of life story with a bit of action/adventure. 

A few tags that need to be added here: 18+, yuri (wlw, lgbt), NSFW (and it doens't really have dedicated chapters, it is very much a part of the story), shapeshifter (and everything that comes with that). 

Fair warning.

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