A lot of books on this site are boring and super predictable. I've read hundreds books, and this one has kept my attention through the entire journey. Really enjoying it Don't give up continue to push through.

Chronicles of the Titanomachy

I love this series that hits all my favorite tropes. I feel like this could very easily be a 5 to 10 book story. The grammar seems to be on a professional level compared with the other stories I see regularly on the site. Well worth the time this was red at chapter 32.


Picking up steam liking the direction.

Like the story more and more the further I've gotten. I'm up to chapter 45 now and it's picking up steam and moving in a really fun direction.


Love it. There are some Grammer errors but overall I think the take on leveling and the method of progression is neat.

The Power of Formations

Every chapter that comes out in the story makes me fall in love more and more. The simple journey to become more than you are is fascinating to watch. I love the way the characters interact, and the sweet simple spirit of the main character.

The Ordinary Life of Tom Nobody

Keep writing this please. I love the character Tom he speaks to me in a very deep way. I hope to read a couple of hundred more chapters and will buy the books on Amazon if you ever do publish them. 

RE: Trailer Trash

Great story. Don't let the haters get you down. Good concept with above average writing. Keep up the great work.


Enjoyed this immensely

 So far I'm loving this story. This review is made after reading up to chapter 57 in one day. I thought that the flow is great the concept was interesting, I think that the progression could be a bit faster, but overall extremely happy to have spent time reading this.

Dungeon: Rise or Fall

So far I am enjoying this story. Looking forward to the mc progression. There is not enough yet for a 5 yet but I see the potential to get there.

Spoiler: Spoiler


T this is great. I am very sad that it was dropped. Probably one of the better first efforts I've seen.