Battle Trucker

Do yourself a favour and change that God awful picture. This is way too entertaining for such ugly representation.

Normal, no new ideas so far, except perhaps the MC, I've never read a LitRPG Apocalypse following an essential worker, let alone a trucker. Buts it well done and the protagonist is interesting, the new curse words I'm learning are certainly fun.

The Ancient Core: A Progression Fantasy

Love it. Slow, but plenty of chapters. Marvelous

People here complaining about it being slow, or bits falling flat.

They can have their opinions, but implying that this is anything less than a story worth trying is just incorrect.

Its a sad fact that most people just don't bother checking out stories on this website when they have less than 4 and half stars, myself included. When I first checked this out, it was sitting at around that score.

People, please don't treat the 'overall' score as 'the part I have a problem with' just because you can't be bothered with an advanced review. Its a disservice to the effort put into this story.

Style wise, I do love the introspective perspective, the prose perfect for a mind in isolation, and it transitions as close to perfectly as possible into a more traditional dungeon perspective.

The story so far is very much still in the beginning stages. I find the slow gradual, earned, process to constructing aspects of a dungeon most other stories just hand wave away, like the idea of a domain, or even just constructing walls, barriers that make sense, in a setting with perfectly permeable mana that goes through everything, using technical yet easily intuited concepts as simple as pressure and density of gas.

Grammar is almost always fine, and when it is wrong its never an eye searing misspelling, simply the occasional misplaced letter, or a few letters out of order. The original meaning is always preserved.

The characters, for now limited to the core and an antagonist, are simple yet believable as terrifically intelligent and capable children that haven't existed for even a year.

Valkyrie's Shadow

One of the best fanworks I've ever read.

Good enough for a novel in its own right. 5 stars all the way. One of the only works where multiple protagonists don't make me either want to tear my hair out, or completely screw up the pacing leaving me with stretches of boredom as I slog through a good bit of a new POV before it becomes even remotely interesting. All the kudos.

I don't want to be the Hive Queen

I like this story. What I don't like is some of the comments. One of which ended with remarking how it's funny how trans people kill themselves when they can just assume their "correct" gender.

I have had Major Depressive Disorder for more than 15 years. I don't think it's funny that many like me kill themselves when they can just be happy. If I can't decide to be happy during one of my episodes, a person suffering from gender dysphoria definitely can't just accept that what other say is truer than what they believe.

Then there are the countless, "seconded" or "i agree" messages. This part of the internet disgusts me. Not the uber weird fetishes you can find on reddit, not the rape fantasy fanfiction writers. These kind of people.

Anyways, this story is great. I honestly don't see the problems other reviewers have with it. It's not perfect and has issues, but it is an enjoyable read and worth looking at. 

I for one am sick of macho men who can take personal horror  on the chin and always make the best most satisfying decisions. This isn't a power fantasy. Stop complaining that the MC is "Overly cautious" and "cowardly".

They're in a completely foreign, hostile environment with no revelent knowledge, education or experience to help this totally normal city boy. I mean come on. 


Problems, but entertaining

Spoiler: Spoiler


An Old Man's Journey

Perhaps the worst ending to ever be written.

Now, I'm a assuming the so called epilogue, is the end, even though this story is still labelled as ongoing.


It is beyond clear that the author got bored. Why? Because the ending comes completely out of nowhere, leaving so many loose plot threads it's genuinely infuriating.

Like, a character is introduced and the LITERAL next chapter is a half assed ending. And the author has the gall, the AUDACITY, to be like 'welp. That's the end. No more. Bye bye'. 


Where did the rest of it go!?

Origin Dungeon

Lovely. Please continue to write this masterpiece.                                                                                       

Dungeon Heart

Wonderful and professionally written. Love it. It can be somwhat poetic in the most amazing ways, and I find myself wanting others to marvel at Smit's craftmanship.         

The Bound Dungeon

Love the hell outa this. Great dungeon story. The detail in the floor and monster creation is sensational. No boring start, but not rushed either -perfect pace. On par with The Divine Dungeon and, in my opinion, superior to The Slime Dungeon.