In Umbra Hasta

It just lack too many things.

The text feels poor, lacking details and personality.

No character development, there is only one info about the mc and that is all that defines him.

The first few encounters suffer a lot with decision making and realism.

There is potential and some good ideas are brewing, but It mostly feels raw with a lot of work to be done.

Savage Divinity

too many unwanted povs and fillers and the story just runs in circles.


I feel like i'm reading about a good story from someone that don't know how to tell a story. 

Demon King 101

I stayed waiting for changes, and leaved without them (I read it till chap 54)

Keeping it short:" the author writes really well but you don't fell like there is story and characters development at all, its like you never leave chapter 1."

One of the important charcters just turn to be really hatefull and leaves with killing hundres of allies with a pat in the head. And the mc is useless, alive by sheer luck and stupidity(hight tendency to take suicide actions, alive because of plot magic) started as a human excuse and stayed the same, he is stuck to other character( the hatefull one) because of stockholm syndrome, normaly he is suppossed to hate her but in the end (chp 54) does not, even with the circumstances it does not have logic to this development.

The Making of a God Slayer

The story really lacks interaction between the characters, they stay togheter many years and all whe have is 0 interaction, just some battles through the numerous time skips. The uchiha plot it's shit just that, is just come from nowhere and boom a montain of uchiha crap.                                                          Overall some grammar issues not that bad,

Really good start but the plot turned shit.                                                              

Wanderer: Life in a New World

Good read, just a problem with the release speed but who don't have it?

Tricked into another world!





                                                                                                  The mithril coin part was really painful to read, even more since the MC is supposed to be something like a pro and the soldier told him what it was.

The start with the slime was not wise either, just found a monster and its ok to let it follow you around even to your room...

7 days sleeping and no big deal, come on!!!

 This Gods are even dumber than the MC.

Underworld - Level Up or Die!

The biggest downside of this story is that it have so far only 19 chapters. x(