1. Re: Looking for speculative stories that take the contemporary world as a starting point

      It isn't on the site, but it has long been my favorite series/author and fits your interest. I would recommend the "Ell Donsaii" series by Laurence Dahners, as well as most of the author's other series (...)

    2. Re: Looking for a type of dungeon story

      You will possibly enjoy "Ancient Ruins (Ancient Dreams Book 1)" by Benjamin Medrano. The 'dungeon' in the story eventually becomes a major world player, and it is less focused on the internal dungeon building (...)

    3. Re: Erotica

      I would point you towards The Mage Emperor on Scribble hub. It was on RR, but got removed. Has a number of R-18 scenes, but it is not the only focus of the story; it is more of a power fantasy story than (...)

    4. Re: Works like Blue Core, etc.?

      Welcome to Royal Road! Since you clearly enjoyed Blue Core, the author of Blue Core has just started a new series you will likely enjoy, "Paranoid Mage", which is currently only on their patreon and (...)

    5. Re: Looking for excellent fantasy progression stories! Similar to The Primal Hunter, Azarinth Hunter, and The (...)

      I'll add a few: Arcane Emperor (LitRPG | Isekai): Loved it. It's what got me into LitRPG and Royal Road in the first place. The class system is kinda unique and the MC's past is actually interesting. (...)

    6. Re: Modern army meets fantasy

      This one is exactly like what you are looking for. Less of a focus on a single character, the main character in the story could be considered to be America instead of individual person. (...)

    7. Re: Favorite Story on this Site that you didn't write.

      While I'm not certain I can call it my absolute, all-time favorite, The Mage Emperor is my favorite that I don't think got as much readership as it deserves, since it just had monthly postings of big chapters. (...)

    8. Re: New to RoyalRoad, need some good books to read.

      Books by CorpseDead. More specifically I would recommend giving The Mage Emperor a try, and if you finish and enjoyed it, give some of his older works a try. The author is currently working on editing (...)

    9. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Not sure if it this is the right spot for it since it already made it to the second page of most popular, but Path of Ascension is ~20 days old, so new, and it is absolutely one of my new favorites on (...)

    10. Re: Need a Romance action Novel!!!

      Books by CorpseDead.  The Mage Emperor is the most recent and has the highest quality writing. It is a fantasy romance story where the romance is a major element of the story, and has a monogamous couple. (...)

    11. Re: I'm new to RoyalRoad and would like some suggestions

      I always recommend  books written by Andur when new people ask what are 'Classics' on RR. Andur has a number of high quality stories that I enjoyed a lot. There is also The Defective Hermit. It is a (...)

    12. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Emmy and Me  An absolutely amazing romance story. Would definitely buy this story as a paperback novel, and it already has 700+ pages posted with a quality that I would not be surprised to find in a (...)

    13. Re: Romantic Fantasy & Fantasy Romance

      Emmy and Me  An absolutely amazing romance story. It could be argued that this isn't really fantasy romance, as the 'fantasy' part of it is very subtle, but there is some light supernatural element (...)

    14. Re: Would any of these story titles interest you enough to read them?

      I think the first thing you need to understand is the audience you are writing for.  I think most of the readers on RR are western, are are accustomed and grew up on more traditional western writing (...)

    15. Re: Looking for a story with romance elements that DOES NOT include a harem.

      The Mage Emperor Return of the Tower Conqueror  Unparalleled Almost any story by Andur. My favorites from Andur are: Until Death? Beyond? The Tale of G.O.D. Coeus? Law of Shadows (...)

    16. Re: Base-Building/Defense story with a big sphere as a base

      I am very fuzzy on the details for the story, but a few main points that I remember MC built a sphere to use as a base (I am assuming MC had earth magic/powers to do so, but not certain) Half the (...)

    17. Re: System Apocalypse/Transmigration (Game-)LIT(Rpg's) with a few hundred chapters

      The Hermit one is interesting! I really enjoy Kingdom/Basebuilding, but there is just so few novels who do it good, or even have it as a main-theme. Sad that it got dropped at 1400 chapters. Is there (...)

    18. Re: System Apocalypse/Transmigration (Game-)LIT(Rpg's) with a few hundred chapters

      "The Defective Hermit". It has gotten 'lost" on the site, since it was dropped after about 1400 pages several years ago, but it is super well-written and interesting. More focused on base building, but (...)

    19. Re: Looking for a modern kingdom building.

      Not too common to find ones in modern day. Harems/fast paced romance also knocks out a chunk of the ones that do exist/are similar. Shadow Sun Survival fits your description, but it is on Amazon.  (...)