Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

This is a concise summary of what I say down below: GOOD STORY, bit of a wind up and sometimes emotionally taxing, but it really make you commit to the narrative and gets the story impact and importance, whatever your moral side of the fence might be. Very well written and thought out, good grammar and good (most of the time) world building. Impressive at making me feel the main character too(whether in a good or bad way). Here is my reasoning:

Hi, okay, so... I binge on books, that's what I do, and pretty much 90% of the top 50 in "popular this week" have been read by me. The rest I didn't feel like getting into despite my ravenous need for reading material. 
all of that to say, I've got a grasp on royalroad-type book, which are good (or not) and in what ways. I'll admit I like power fantasies "OP MC" just a bit too much, but that is a guilty pleasure of mine.

If you are like me, and you avidly seek good, well written, books, then read this. And I mean just read it, don't look at any more reviews, don't get any spoilers and don't try to make any ideas from anything I've said so far.

if, despite what I said, or if you are less staved for a good read, and absolutely want to know what you are getting into... well, you're up for a ride I certainly did not enjoy at first, but loved really fast after that. Let me explain. The narrative is nice and easy, sweet and cake, fun and games until it just isn't. The main character is a touch overpowered-feeling, but is actually very much not. Those two things are very hard to balance and really work out in my opinion.

The narrative is mostly nice and easy to follow, with a couple really hard to swallow chapters that made me really mad, revulsed and nauseous. I was mad . So mad I lost appetite and didn't eat yesterday... haha, no, for real. Unfortunately, some of the reasoning is not so clear, sometimes the why isn't shown or explained which makes it a bit hard to understand logically why the MC is having a hard time in the first place... (especially true with some of the sexism, why does it exist when women can literally obliterate a town with little to no more effort than a man could?)MC is a bit too naive, a bit too sheltered, a bit too mango-mouse, but it works, and she become "herself". It's hard to describe but she feels like someone and not just a character. I like it! (Even though I wish she would grow up a bit, and hope she does in the rest of the story)

Oh, and sentences are well structured, dialogues feel like dialogues and places feel like places instead of background filler. A small minus is I felt like people other than the main cast were a bit too bland, and might need a bit more describing to make them live a bit. This is more of a hot take than a clear negative and might just be me skipping a paragraph by accident a couple times.

All in all, most people should read it and it is telling that the story shot up the ranks so fast, good job author, you rock🤘. 

Also, Patreon is a good deal and worth every penny.

PS: if you usualy post reviews and read this, it's for you. Why are so many reviews on Patreon really frickin negative? Okay, I get it, a lot of people don't like divisive content, and get really angry really fast when anything that might look like something-ism pops up, but honestly chill the f out. I really enjoyed this novel, it really is good. Yeah it has flaws, and yeah it's not for everyone, but it's nowhere near 2 stars, or even 3 stars. Why the hate? Try writing something with so much complexity, intrigue and sometimes touchy subjects, this is nuts. 
okay, rant over. Good book.

The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

Good? Yes. Very good? Yes. Ultra XXL good? Yes.

I read a lot, and I mean a lot. So it is literally half past five am where I live and I just finished binging on this... and it's really been a while that I've gotten so exited for something I immediately went over to Patreon and pledged the best pledge just to realise in my desperation for more that there is none... and still do not regret it. Confusing? Yes. Me too. Summary? Yes. Good? Yes.

Go forth and read, I would say at your own peril but it's more like "enjoyment" and it doesn't sound as good.

Read it, you'll like it.

Congratulations, You're Dead!

Probably one of the best reads I had in a while!

To potential readers, I would say if you like slow but intricate and well built stories, read it immediately. With 15 chapters under its belt as of now, it is a wonderful start to a slightly op MC(but we hope he gets even more) slice of life novel. It has relatively simple to grasp magic, but still complex enough that it leaves space for development and experimentation on the MC’s part. The universe is well described, and altough the concept is far from new, it still has a somewhat fresh feel to it. I would say it has a good balance of sad and comical moments, if with a tendency to make pretty bad (but funny) 18+jokes.

To the author, I would say bravo, first, and it’s great second. For constructive criticism’s sake, I will say that a few scenes feel a bit too abrupt. The falling in love part, for me, seems a bit too quick, even if it is actually managed quite well. In a way, I can understand how it could work, with the suspension bridge effect and all hitting them hard like that, but I am curious to see how it will be handeled in the future. Attached mcs like that are not easy to write!

As a conclusion, i’d say it is a really really good first 1/3 of a novel, and I am eagerly awaiting the rest. 

PS: I might update this into a full review if I remember to when the story has matured a bit.

I Became A Vampire In Another World

Let me start by saying that this does not actually deserve two and a half stars. My reason for giving it this rating is for the effort and the visible progress made over the spawn of relatively few chapter. So my advice for the author, continue, get better and enjoy writing even if people like me criticize your work.

Now for the negative part of this review... Firstly, the scenario is all over the place, we switch town quite often, we hear about characters and get development on them just for them to disappear way too fast. It isn’t the worst part however, because the cringe just covers the whole thing so thickly it’s unbearable... I almost dropped this novel over five times just because of that. The lovey-dovey parts just make me want to puke. I’m not saying there should not be love or romance at all, it’s just that the way it’s written makes it feel like a bad joke layered upon cliché lines of « I love you beautiful, OH I love you handsome » ughhhhhhh who even says that kind of over-stereotyped shit?

Anyway, there is also quite the work to do on grammar and smoothness in the text. The transitions and dialogues detract from the actual story and give an impression of shallowness to the characters. Which is already a problem to be honest. For example, the MC realizes his temper is a bit out of control and goes on to... do absolutely nothing about it? Why in flying fuckmountain would you not at least investigate? And it’s just one of multiple examples; another one would be the waifu, what the hell is that for a character? The only thing she can do is say « omg I love you you’re so nice to me » uhhhhh... why? Okay she’s had a hard libe but really? You’d think she would a least develop some kind of desire to do something or I don’t know, have initiative instead of saying « yes » to literally anything the mc says.

okay, that’s enough writing for me, there are a lot of problems, but still, I had a couple laughs and the story has potential in my opinion (my standard is pretty fucking low so don’t take my word for it) so I will root for it!

Peace, your fave reviewer that criticisms but can’t do it better anyway!

Starship Dungeon BK I - Recovery & Adjustment

So, overall really good story, a bit all over the place but still structured enough that it is not too disturbing. The world feels fleshed out, and the characters are interesting in the lore kind of way, not only because of their background but also their family tree and their unique race blend. 

However, the characters do NOT feel unique enough personality-wise. They talk and think way too similarly to each other for there to be depth. They feel like they should be different, because they are described as such, but they aren’t... and it’s a shame!

Lastly, and I’m sure I forgot stuff but it isn’t important or noticeable enough for me to care, there is a serious problem with the way religion is developed in this novel... Are you really going to tell me that between all the worlds and races in the first universe and then ANOTHER UNIVERSE, the only religion that pops up and that every one practices is the One God thing? I call heavy bullshit. And that is while ignoring the fact that we on earth have already more than a dozen major religions that have existed or do exist... I find it HIGHLY unlikely that A random alternate universe just so happens to believe and pray the same ‘God’ as the protagonists, whom by the way should not either, why would dragons and dryads worship the same god? With that much tech thrown around? I think not

Apocalyptic Trifecta

YES!... wait wtf? Really? ... damn.

Really good story... except the characters... I mean wtf? Okay, life is hell and wars and all, but doesn’t that reinforce bonds in at least some cases? All characters lack empathy and try to use the mc as if they were psychopathic asses... it killed me to learn that one of the only characters that seem to be reasonable is just actually better at hiding her bitchness... oh well sad stuff 

Mother of Learning

How come this didn’t happen sooner?!?!?

This. Is. Great.

Full stop.

No, really, what are you doing here, go read it a second time.

Layers of Hell

A great read, very well started and also very well balanced between action and character developpement. I do worry about the long term though, with there being 1000 layers to go through, each with their own habitat.It will prove intresting how that is dealt with.

Strongly recomment you pick up this read.

Vampire Lord Lorik

A good start to a fun read, I feel the writing style is not yet defined and the story lacks finesse, especially in the transitions between dialogues and the storytelling. As a whole though, the story seems fun with where it’s going, and I like this kind of totally obscenely op MCs. 

To the author, please do continue this story, I will be reading it.

Eternity Online, a military sci-fi GameLit Fiction

This story is an excellent start, with a right balance of action and fast-paced storytelling, in a well-thought-out world that really sticks together coherently. What I thought might lack a twinge might be characterisation. Despite the world being correctly described and delivered, the characters can feel a bit awkward at times; for example, the MC is pretty much freaking out about having an AI in his head at first, but then suddenly forgets about it and decides it is a good idea to keep an android, connected to said AI besides his body when he is in the game? Not to mention EVE is also potentially connected to his apartment's AI... 

All in all, it is a fascinating story with a good but not too good MC, in a weird and dangerous world. And well written also, which is a blessing nowadays apparently...

I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a fun read and is interested in breaking out of the RRL typical high fantasy setting.