No Longer a Game

So far I have only read the prolouge - which was the most amazing thing I have ever read as a prolouge to a VRMMORPG story, it did still have the same "training to be superb" feel of it but that I don't mind much since he didn't train in weapons or martial arts but standard sport!

The story is brilliant, well written and captivating! There are only a few minor grammatical errors which is easily overlooked but still interrupts the story slightly. The character is missing a few holes but I think they will be filled in later on as the story progresses but so far he seems a bit too over qualified (if you ask me) in everything but the (WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILER, MAYBE) end part (not going to spoil anything) makes up for it. Though still I'm only putting a 7/10 in character.

Continue the brilliant work mate! I'll be reading when you're posting ;)


Legacy of the Damned

An amazing story with a feel of apocalypse!

 This is a very good fiction, and I really enjoy the feel it is giving. What I really like about it is that you give a reason to as why there is an interface screen instead of using the “game-like world” excuse.

I will be looking forward to the next chapter!

Keep up the good work mate!


Road to Power
Really enjoy this story! There is so much power going on it feels like everything besides them and their companions wich they find (and makes strong) are strong! It have a good feel to it and I like that you used the beginner bastards and later turned them into allies! Brilliant! :D   -Dok


Now this is a proper story, matey

The story is very well developed and intruging but it just feels a bit off, like something is missing or out of place.. I shall continue to read so I can figure this out! Keep up the good work mate! -Dok