Stronghold In The Apocalypse

A great story mixing LitRPG with the classics apocalypse zombie setting. So far so good!

I like the setting of the story, although the introduction to the world was very cringe-worthy indeed, it just sort of cements that the story needs to be viewed as a ‘relaxing read’ take it all with a grain of salt and humour comes easily.

The characters seem fine so far, we have been introduced to a number of them and of chapter 14, but they haven’t been fleshed out yet. You do seem to be rather quick on working out Leo’s coming faults, removing them nearly before they come up, instead of letting them be shown in the story and gradually removed.

(Bit spoilerish ahead)

One of them was when he just finished building his stronghold, and immedietly declared he shouldn’t rely too heavily on the system due to him being told he can manually build things without the systems aid. While it’s Fine and all, from my perspective though it just seemed like he was exploring the system, as he had it for less than a day, rather than being heavily reliant on the system. A major distinction I think. But there’s plenty of room to grow, so keep doing what you do, mate!

All in all, a great read so far, very interesting story. Definitely a worthy read.


The Wandering Inn

A work of the century! Dok recommends!

This is exactly what I have been looking for!

This story is exactly what I had been looking for, for quite some time. I had wanted a story wherein not too much happens, and the focus would be on an inn or perhaps a bar. The Wandering Inn screamed me in the face "Read me then! and be amazed!" and I was. believe me, I was.

I had been looking for a relaxing story to read, that kept it nice and homely, with a pinch of adventure and fun. The Wandering Inn provided and just kept on adding more. At first, I thought I disliked the 'sudden' turn towards the more traditional fantasy setting, but it never strode far from its path: that of an Inn story. An Innworld.

The characters. Gods, the characters. You could go on and on about how seemingly well integrated they all are, and how they all play along together to further each others plots. There be no filler characters here, nay. Only MCs and side-characters with enough plomp about them that they could star their own sotry. Which they do. I'm sure of it.

The best part I feel is that the powerlevel of the various characters are kept in a level that feels right for what they have done to acheive it. A legendary hero who fought through two major wars and is renowned as the greatest General in the world? His power is deserved, hard fought. Uh, and sometimes, you'll never guess this, but sometimes.... Characters die. And they stay dead! WHAT!? yeah, I know. Shocking. But it's not all Game of Thrones here. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. It's a fantasy. And stuff happens.

The growth of the characters, both as people and their respective powers, is what it's all about. People interacting with people. And it's beautiful.

The story and its surrounding world is beautifully described and speak to me on a profound level. The chapters themselves has reached a level of addiction, I crave for the next release. Like a tasty truffel (That's a "rum ball" for all the ingrates who use the fake name. grr.)

I have no more to but this. I give it a Dok's Recommendation! Highest level award. Woop woop. Great work Author, keep it coming!

All Hail the Penguin Empire!

Colossus' Dream

A fantastic story, with an amazing setting!

I found this beautiful little gem while it was still in its inital stage, slowly pumping out the chapters - Now, it's completed. And what a story it tells!

While the story may be short, it leaves you pondering for what could happen, what might happen in the next moment. There are beautiful poems in the interludes, which I feel hold a certain energy to it. They are definitely one of my favourite parts of the story. That, and the way it progresses. The passing of times and the changing of epochs, all viewed through the same pair of innocent eyes.

The ending, for this magnificent piece of work, hit me hard. I hadn't expected it at all, and I truly believe that the entire story is a beautifylly written backstory to a whole new world (read:book) just waiting to unfold.

The work itself is a relaxing read, with a slow pace set throughout it all. It's the kind of story I like to read inbetween a hectic work day, or if I've simply overloaded myself with too many heavily action-packed stories or gone too deep into the darkness. It happens. *cough*

To the Author, thank you for making such a wonderful story, and thank you once again for letting me read it. It means a lot. I hope you yourself have grown as an author, which I think you have, as can be felt and seen through the story as it progresses in depth and detail, as well as the very flow of the story becoming smoother and smoother with each passing chapter.

I hereby classify this as a Dok's Recommendation! Novel. A fine work indeed.

Once again, thank you.

An excited fan,

All Hail the Penguin Empire!


Lord Shadow review

A Dok Recommendations!

Yet a story by Kiekokumars, Author to the beautifully written serie of Age of Heroes, as well as its predecessor; Age of Adventure!

We follow our protagonist, Azief, in his endevours in a World of Change. A place off dog eats dog, and only the strongest of penguins survive, and the most powerful, thrive!
We start of in the seconds before Ragnärok decends on the World, as we watch Azief struggle to live, being helped by the Author's livid use of words and cleverly stringed sentences!
It is like reading an artwork, the way the words capture you, entangle you in their stories and sweet promises...

The style follows a new bloom of writing styles of the LitRPG genre, the 'world governed by RPG rules', also referred to by most ad 'the System'.
The Author is not heavily relying on 'The system', merely using it as a means to entangle us in a scenery where the common man is tossed in to a den of growling beasts where we get to watch how they will fare when handled a stick, some rope and a polised stone....

The story is of the history kind!
Following then beginning of a Living Legend, with a fate greater than all of them can imagine! Even I, a reader cannot look so far Into the future!

There are some great PoV changes that makes the World more detailed as well as giving the story life as well as showing different perspectives to the same point of reference, making it all the more exciting, as one may see it as the obvious true, acting as if it is the natural order, while another character may see the shadows lurking in the lies Foretold, trying to build up evidente while staying wary of the possible desciever.
And no one knows who's right until the Author lets us know!

I must be honest, and the Author himself know this and has been trying his hardest, the grammar can be severely lagging and sometimes quite ruthless.
But I beg you, fellow penguins, persevere. The story itself, the way of writing is too good to let [i]a bit of[/i] meagre grammar errors destroy your read.
I personally have learned to look away from the grammar, mistakes and enjoy the written style as well as the words handlinger by the Author himself, to give us the best experience we can get...
*cough* ahem...

Also, a PR of the story is being done, albeit slowly and may or may not be posted on the RRL page, that is up to the Author. Patience, my friends..

The characters we meet are well described, showing to have purpose besides being the protagonists side-kick or arc nemesis... Or that one lad them seems to tick him off for no apparent reason. NONE OF THAT WE SHALL HAVE!
There are depth, and all characters have their own stories to tell.
This is a trait that goes to show again and again in all of his works, and a trait that I personally quite favour.


Den's Monochromatic Viking


Not so threadbare after all!

Wow, never did I imagine a teddy bear to being capable of such... resolution. And heart. Talk about giving it all for your little girl. Respect for him.

There’s great deals of adventure, teddies as far as the eye can read, and silly action that will soften your rubber heart. Truly a great story!

There is pretty much perfect grammar throughout the entire story, the characters are so diverse and different, each having their own roles to play and their own story to tell. Truly marvelous.

And the story is nice and fresh. It’s not often you start out as a teddy bear without having a starters-pack of otherworldy knowlegde or other bullocks like that. Nay, not here. We start from fresh, not even knowing how to walk. It’s brilliant.

So to the author; Thank you for a wonderful story. I have truly enjoyed reading it. I hope to see more!

All Hail the Penguin Empire!

Lost Archive

I can't help but start out to say I'm anxiously waiting for the next book in the Veil Walker serie. Because this is the good stuff.

I truly enjoyed the spooky, horror-isque style at the beginning, that was wonderful! And how you integrated the Veil into the normal world, which really first showed at the end of the book, but still!

Your grammar is really good, and I'm left finding nearly no flaws of any kind at all. At most, a few strangely placed words that probably got doubled or some wizardry like that.

The story is super promising, at first I dreaded it to be another "boom, game setting now" but the fact you named the series for "Veil Walkers" helped allieve my fears. So great job! I think everything will turn up a noch in the next book so I'll be waiting~

I feel the characters could use more depth, they feel a bit stretched around the MC at the moment, and I hope you'll give them more personality and querks of their own. Kind of what you did with Fan, being a dwarf that loves the Sun, but maybe more pronounced. You'll have to figure that one out, somehow.

As for the style, then all I can say is that I enjoy your writing style so keep at it! Your descriptions are amazing as well, so more of that!

All Hail the Penguin Empire!

The Last Walker

Aliens and the voices in our heads... Or is that just the cancer talking?

An amazing, hidden gem that is ever so slowly being refined into a true masterpiece!

Strange aliens, voices talking in your head, more aliens and THE FUTURE. Oh, also alien tech. nice. The story is a brilliant read if you fancy sci-fi, aliens (usually comes with sci-fi), strange powers of the mind, PSI - oh yeah - and coffee that is NOT coffee. Clearly. urgh. Definitely worth a read!

The grammar is abselutely awesome, with near no error and a wonderful use of words to describe various scenarios. So good work there, author! 

The style of writing is captivating and makes one understand the surrounding beautifully. yet it also leaves room for specualtions, plots and other things to happen in the shadows, unbeknownst to us. The style captivates you and drags you into the story, making your blood boil in rage and wonder, or sends shivers down your back as you read along! Truly wodnerful!

The characters so far is, in my opinion still a bit underdeveloped, although we are - at this given time - a 182 pages in. Most of them have been used to build the world up - great job btw - and the MC and how we are supposed to percieve him. Which is great. Some of the more "sideline" characters, which I hope will develop into more fully fledged characters with their own target and mindset, are still somewhat in the process of being molded, although what can be said is that their personality has been made clear; steady, stable characters with deep background. which is good and even better to grow on.

Spoiler, mostly for the Author. (I gave up trying to get the soiler button to work, bloody wizards.)

 In this case I'm mostly talking about Mahaar, as he is basically our giant brute walking around with Adam, using his muscle where he can. You did say he would get a power-up in the next few chapters, so I hope he will grow to be more than just the follower as I see him so far. In the beginning he was pretty badass, laughing in his strange language and being overly powerful and dominating. I hope to see something of the same kind again... Though I'm a bit biased as Mahaar is fav dude in the story for me... Mwhahaha!

Spoiler done!

 I have no more to say. So get reading penguins!


All Hail the Penguin Empire!


Age Of Adventure

Now that the story have come to an end(?) i feel the need to express  how I have felt about it..

I stumpeld upon it around chapter 7, and at first I thought that (SPOILER ALERT?) it was rather shabby, the MC got good stuff rather quickly and seemed slighty OP, also he seemedly became a Master of the sword out of nowhere, but enough of that. Your storytelling and writing grew better and better with each chapter you made and it could be seen in the progression of the story. 

Now I might not have been with you from the beginning, but I certaintly are proud, if I may call it that, for what you, Author, have managed to accomplish with this serie. As many others I have a variety of opinions in how I would have liked it to end but heck, it’s your fiction, you do what you want!


The story is about our young protagonist who suffers from heartache, he decides to play the new VR game where he is taken into a world of sword and might, adventure and magic. Lore and quests, as well as stretegies and betrayals!

The Style is wonderful, though a bit rough in the start. The Author's sue of words drags you into the story and let's you feel what is going on around you in such a manner that you cannot help but become captivated by the work.

Story is about VR Gaming in a mediavel era setting where our protagonsit dwelves onto the path of a strategist. We follow him through his battles to accend to power in his chosen kingdom!

Grammar is rough, very, very rough. In the first 15-ish chapters, perhaps (bear with me on that), is the grammar and structual sense in shambles and all over the place. It is important to note, that the grammar keeps getting better and better, as the Author learns from his mistakes, so fret not my fellow penguins!

Character: Our dear protagonist is as previouslt said, heartbroken. This can be seen when he interracts with certain people we meet in the story and the way he behaves. Our protagonsit is also cunning, very much so. As well as fool hearty as we see him dive headfirst into danger.

My review is based upon what I have noticed and experienced during this marvelous read, I hope you will enjoy it too, fellow penguins!


Now with all that being said, I would just like to say; THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING DEAR AUTHOR!




All Hail the Penguin Empire!




Mage! Swords! Words! Magnificent!

Hello fellow penguins of the great Penguin Empire!

prism, is a great story, we follow the MC down the path of a mage, but it's not your everyday mage! It's a specialised mage! Now, we follow the MC around in the world of Enoa, a fantasy styled world, with might and magic, swords and beasts, tales and dragons (?) and much more!

The style is nice, when reading you feel sucked into the story and author's descriptiveness of the surroundings make one feel like they are there.

Story is the good ol' fantasy, midieval setting. Though somehow, this one steps out from the others due to the Author's charm, or so I think. In the story we follow the 2 MCs which gives us more insight on the world as a whole, as they start the game at different locations.

Grammar isn't my strong forte what so ever, but I have noticed that Author has a vast vocabulary, making the sentences seem full of life, instead of the all to dreadfull repetitiveness you might find in other WBs. I also haven't spotted many, if at all spelling mistakes and typos! Which of course is a BIG plus! yay!

The character build is quite nice. MCs are down to earth people who don't seem to be overworldy people. Making it easy to familiarise with them. The only "bad" thing, in my viewpoint, would maybe be the huge benefit the MC seems to have by being a high ranking kendo practioneer. This is to give him advantages in the game, which is understandable, since it is difficult to build up a character from completely nothing. Though this might easily change as the story only have 7 chapters. Plenty of room for character development! hurray!

Now, there isn't a massive amount of info-dumps, but when there are, the Author seems to integrate them into the story in a way it doesn't seem forced or completely unreasonable. At least this is the case for me.


And that's it! I hope this review shines some light on this little eye candy here... huehuehue...

Keep up the good work Author! This story got the potential to become dead amazing! Woohoo!


Penguins! Read this fiction!



All Hail the Penguin Empire!


Gateway to Nexus (Dropped)

 This little gem here is in the simplest form... Brilliant.

We follow our protagonist down the path of the arcane and sees the Author's brilliance when talking about the various systems of magic and the arcane.

The style is a nice descriptive one, and the sheer detail put into it is certainly a plus. The many different systems in the world is spectacular to read about and if you look closely enough you find small things that could be worth "investigating" or pondering upon. The style here also revolts around things happening between the lines. We don't allways see what the MC gets from a certain hunt or what he gets to know until the Author deems us worthy of knowing - which I really do enjoy as it helps keep the adventure exciting instead of getting some information and then working out what is going to happen, before it happens.

Story is the good ol' VRMMORPG where we follow our 'at-the-time' novice mage. The world build is well developed and detailed so you don't feel confused when reading the story. A well as the systems used in it helps make the story go round.

Grammatics are quite good with only a missing word in a context very rarely. I haven't spotted anything else and that - of course - is a good thing!

The character is well made with reasons behind why they act as they do. Though character descriptions isn't my forde so I'll leave this relative empty. Just a good should suffice. I hope... *hehehe...*

This story can definitly be recommended to read as it is pleasant for the mind and a good read! xD


For the Author: Keep up the good work mate! Love your story!


PENGUINS! Read this story!


All hail the Penguin Empire!