Monster Calamity

Enjoyed the start and then it crashed

 As of 65

I loved the start, truly I did. But what you've turned it into is just....awful. In the beginning there were good characters and a nice romance as they survived and fought together. But then they got out and it was fine until 46ish but after that it's like everything just fell apart. It feels like you don't care about this anymore and are just throwing words onto a page without thinking out a plot. I'll give it a few more chapters but if it doesn't change I'm dropping.

The Simulacrum

I love every second of it

I absolutely love this book. The story is unique but also not at the same time. It adds it's own twist to the genre and I love it. The characters are likeable, the comedy hilarious, the antics of the two combined are just amazing and brings them to life.


Monok's Bones: Discovery

Not given the attention it deserves

This is amazing to say the least and the fact that it seems to be unknown is shocking. It has amazing realistic characters, a unique storyline, nice realistic battles(mostly). It's just all around amazing in my opinion and has been saved to my favorites and given a five star rating. Very much a job well done dear author.

DCO- Dungeon Core Online

Updated review and all I can say is wow

I made a previous review about this at about ch 8 or so and I'm making this at 52 and all I have to say is wow. It's just amazing what you've done here with all the different mechanics and I love the feedback he gets. One of the best things ever is having an epic boss intro and adventurers just shitting themselves. I legit evil laughed at the secret boss. 5 stars my friend. You done good.