Danny Styles

Alright, boys and gals buckle up. This novel is Danny Styles and the THUNDERDOME. An orphan boy that lives in an orphanage due to circumstances that caused him to be a said orphan. With that quick introduction out of the way, let's get right into the review.


Now, this ain't where I shine, so I'm just gonna glance over this section of the review very briefly. The author did a rewrite of this prior to my reading with fixes and such, but there remained a few errors. Nothing too big a few missing commas and things like that. There was also a small instance where it switched to the second person for a sentence, but that's an easy fix.


Oh boy,  my favorite! The author's style is essentially very reminiscent of older books and actually published books, he takes the time to describe the feelings of our Danny boy and explaining the details. I couldn't help but get a very J.K. Rowling feel from the novel, also these chapters are very big beefy bois, if you have a problem with authors lacking content, this is wholly not a problem. 


I lied, this is actually my favorite section. Now, I don't know if this is really any kind of a spoiler, so read at your own risk, but I really felt baited at the very beginning it was set up in a way that I thought this was going to be about our boy, Danny being some kind of gladiator from the get-go only to have it revealed that he was just some kind of special boy.

After the initial action, the story slows down a bit to detail the life of our boy, which I can tell you is pretty wholesome, and well, pretty relatable. I don't know about anyone else but, when I was just a little boy barely into my teens I definitely didn't know how to deal with my crushes even if they liked me back which brings us into the next section,


Alright, children buckle down and stay quiet, because I lied again. characterization is one of my specialties. Danny. Is. A. Human. He was shown to have emotions, concerns, regrets, pain, fear, and confusion. More importantly, he's a child dealing with a lot these emotions are something that was displayed quite well, One scene that particularly struck with me was when he was speaking to an 'Ahem' character and he gave unneeded information, something a young person would do as a defense mechanism as coping with fear, even if the scene was done as a part comedic value, this was something that was very accurately depicted and I cannot stress that enough. There's also Natasha, she's alright I guess, she's the active motivator for Danny, the light he strived for.

Overall: ye, pretty good. I recommend I had to come out of my comfort zone of what I usually like and gave this a try, not disappointed. Thanks for sharing this story with the rest of the world, Giraffe.