1. Re: How annoying is a short chapter?

      I don't mind the occasional short chapter at all! The only thing that annoys me as a reader is when every chapter is super short. Having to load a new chapter creates a small pause in the reading experience, (...)

    2. Re: My wife and I (mostly my wife) worked on this cover over a few months

      I know I'm late to the party, but I just want to say this cover is GORGEOUS.

    3. Re: How fast do you write and how can I write faster?

      2200 WPH is flying. By my standards. If I get 1500 words in an hour, I am a happy, happy clam. My writing speed when I'm really trying to refine something story critical and get it just right for my (...)

    4. Re: Unpopular opinion: a simple synopsis is better

      As a reader, I prefer hooky flap copy that tells me about the story's overall vibe and core conflict. In general, no more than two characters should be mentioned by name unless it's a multi-protagonist (...)

    5. Re: Trouble with Clean Paste from Google Docs?

      Not your exact issue, but the same workaround might help: I use Pages. The formatting gets deleted when I'm using Firefox, regardless of whether the Enable Clean Paste is checked or unchecked. Other (...)

    6. Re: We've made it to 5000 views...

      Congratulations! And I agree with Second Law. Your cover is really fun!

    7. Re: What turns you off from a book?

      When a character's behavior is immoral but it's obvious that the author doesn't realize it. I'm cool with a morally grey protagonist. Or an outright villain for an MC. But it gets pretty awkward when you're (...)

    8. Re: What is your most embarrassing secret as an author?

      I'm childishly enthusiastic about my own story. Like, I love my characters. I have favorite lines. I giggle when I write about them. Every time I post a new chapter I'm like a little kid bouncing up and (...)