1. Re: Promote your story by sharing a simple sentance that foreshadowed something major in the story (SPOILER WA(...)

      “The world is cruel, Liu Yaozu. Listen to our advice and you will be able to continue on your way in peace.” continued the oracle. Ps. Always listen to the oracles

    2. Re: First Chapter Challenge

      The perfect example of not writing a first chapter because it doesn't do what it's supposed to do: attract the audience to read further  :DrakanGlasses: (...)

    3. Re: January 2023 Thread - Promote your Story

      Hey! If you enjoy reading a new fantasy cultivation novel, then you should check out Imagine That. The story of Liu Yaozu, the Monarch of the Clan of Darkness, will be told, who through wars, friendships (...)

    4. Re: I'm already out of ideas only 400 words in

      I'd like to contribute to the discussion by saying a couple of things (I apologize if the post is long): The first thing is, as often happens to me too, ideas usually don't come up by thinking about (...)

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      Welcome. I have mad respect for people who can speak/write in multiple languages. I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience. Thank you!

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      Welcome to the site! I hope that you will like being around here. Welcome and good luck with your fiction! Hope you receive some great feedback. Welcome. Lots of other non-native English speakers (...)

    7. I'm here too

      Hello everyone! Although I've known this forum for a year, I finally decided to create an account and try to write something too. I love it when a community comes together to support each other and (...)