1. Re: Depression

      I can't be the only writer who struggles with crippling depression. I'm just making this thread to say that if you're on team depression, you're not alone, and there's probably so many of us out there (...)

    2. Re: Cultivation comes at a price. What price are you willing to pay?

      Arent you already paying a lot for cultivation in terms of time? A good question, but this was not the price I was talking about. The cultivation system in my story is a bit different. In every book (...)

    3. Re: Cultivation comes at a price. What price are you willing to pay?

      $0.69, same price as Spongebob's soul, apparently. Since no two Roots can be the same, the Origin Sea takes your words as you offering Spongebob's soul as the price. Unfortunately, the soul is not yours (...)

    4. Re: Cultivation comes at a price. What price are you willing to pay?

      About $3.50 The Origin Sea interprets your those words as you willing to pay monetary price... The Origin Sea accepts that price. You have laid your Roots. Your Roots: You will have to pay 3.50$ (...)

    5. Cultivation comes at a price. What price are you willing to pay?

      As the topic of the thread said, in the story I am writing, to become a 'cultivator', one must be willing to pay a price first. And the price you are willing to pay would determine your path as a 'cultivator'. (...)

    6. Re: Promote your story by telling me what's unique to it

      The most unique thing about my story would be its power system. It is a cultivation story, but the world itself does not have any of the spiritual aura or other similar things. Instead, all the powers (...)

    7. Re: Extra Phantom Spacing Between all (or most) Paragraphs

      I do not know how to solve your issue, as I have not faced it myself. But I think that your issue might be because you are putting spaces between paragraphs. I usually write in ms word, with double (...)

    8. Re: about Royal Road readers! and my very first novel

      Welcome to Royal Road, fellow writer! I hope that you improve your craft, as you so desire to do. And I will surely check out your fiction in time. Just a small suggestion though. You should go through (...)

    9. Re: The REAL metric. 10 favorites!

      Congratulations! Hope you have even more followers, and that even more people add your story to their favourites, so that you can share another one of your milestones with us soon!

    10. Re: Chapter 100!

      A hundred sounds like such a wholesome number... In any case, congratulations! And hope you continue to reach such wholesome milestones in your journey!

    11. Re: Question about story telling

      I am sorta here thinking I could finish this arc with her disappearance and opening arc 3 with the aftermath and not rushing the story As a discovery writer, the best suggestion I could give you would (...)

    12. Re: Question about story telling

      Damn it, your POV make me doubt even more because I agree with you As they say, great minds think alike. :peoapproval: Jokes aside, if it is just the number of chapters that you are hesitating about, (...)

    13. Re: Hello, i am Ellaliao,new fresh here,wish to get suggestions, thanks

      Welcome fellow writer! The only advice I will give you, is to write, and not be afraid of failures. And do check out the beginner's guide in Cinn's signature.

    14. Re: I am Hallow!

      The chaos is strong with this one... And I think hallow means something like holy or the like... I will need to check on that one. In any case, welcome to your ascension from reader to a writer! (...)

    15. Re: Question about story telling

      I agree with you, the thing is, it will be around three chapters of a slice of life telling the story in a scifi/time travel story. Which goes a bit out of the normal route. Sometimes, slice of life (...)

    16. Re: Quik question: How do you call a Generalist Doctor / Familiy Doctor?

      Meanwhile, more than 50% of the people in my country: You people have doctors? (Just a joke, no harm intended.)

    17. Re: Looking for the review-swap forum

      Hello there, fellow writer. I am quite new to the site as well, so I am not sure if the rules allow what you asked for(in the latter half of your post). Still, I do know know the link of the forum you (...)

    18. Re: Need recommendations for a resource on outlining/plotting

      I think I’ve gotten fairly good at figuring out how to start a story and where I want the big ending to take place. But I often get stuck in the middle. Can anyone recommend something to help with this? (...)

    19. Re: Hi I'm K, and I just got my story approved!

      You there, my friend, have a noble ambition. All the best! I hope you find the success you wish to achieve.

    20. Re: On RS, trading shoutouts for reviews!

      Am I too late to jump on the wagon? I just posted the review. Please inform me if you would want me to change something about it... and can I please(insert puppy eyes) get one of those shout outs?