1. RE: The use of "Justify"

      The reason why books usually have justified text is because of the viability of formatting aesthetics in a book. This means that even with justified text, the readers won't get lost. I assume you've read (...)

    2. RE: Review.

      Reading your review in prism, I think this gives a lot of information on the story's quality. It tends to be on the softer side with lenient scoring. It balances the focus on what the author did good and (...)

    3. RE: Story ideas and a hope for a writing partner

      Go right ahead and use it. Its your idea after all. Great teaser. So much better than just telling the idea :)

    4. RE: Story ideas and a hope for a writing partner

      These ideas might actually be interesting if you write it in the form of a - Prologue. Right now, viewers of these threads are told about these ideas, but they don't actually know what to make of it. (...)

    5. RE: Can I publish my fanfic into an official novel

      @Vocaloid, I know Google books offer self publishing too and you can set it to free if you're that worried of people telling you that they can read it for free in RRL. I don't know if Amazon lets you (...)

    6. RE: Loggin out of Royal Road

      Go to forums -> Top right corner -> Log out

    7. RE: me, i'm a nerd..

      So basically this is a rant about people not being accurate with their representation of what lightning is and how lightning is used in their characters' powers? ... You're trying to put reality into (...)

    8. RE: On the topic of third person narrators

      I disagree with the adverbs; they should be, almost all the time, avoided. You can use stronger words to describe "stubbornly." He persisted on hammering the ingot, forcing it into the shape in (...)

    9. RE: Come check me out

      The rant came off to me as sounding arrogant. It's not a nice image you want to make. Yes, you have opinions, but starting off the fiction on a rant is not a good image you want to present first-time (...)

    10. RE: Looking for a FF or LN Recommendation with a few Requirement

      Look at the top viewed and best rated fictions. Most of them are original (Meaning they aren't FF). All of them are great and I think all of them are above 25 chapters. :)

    11. RE: Free resorce for proofreading

      This is great. I would use this first before sending it to a real person to edit or proofread.

    12. RE: Rating/Review Guide

      I love how average american is only two stars lol That's what I thought too haha.

    13. RE: Fanfictions and liberty

      I would think most people would have read LMS light novel. If not, what would pique their interest to even make an FF about royal road?

    14. RE: Looking for translating information

      Japanese and Korean are quite different from English because of the sentence structure. I think you might have to learn at least the basics of that, and then start doing machine translations. I don't know (...)