Life Reset

Fascinating LitRPG-townbuilding

really well done story so far.  engaging character with good problem solving.  Not an OP character and I really am enjoying the logistics and allocation of resource challenge.  I am very interested to see where this story goes.

Viridian Gate Online: Doom Forge (Book 6)

Great story.  Good game mechanics and plot development.  Combat mechanics and in game stats are solid and makes sense.  MC is strong but not overpowered.   Looking forward to see more of the world, some PVP, and other characters.   


Great Story that starts slow with careful world buidling.  Premise is a little flat but the story picks up and the MC grinding of skills and stats is pure LitRPG genius.    Hope to see more.  Highly recommend.

Digital Haven

Story starts slow but starts to pickup.  Interesting class choice for the MC. Nice game mechanics and normal leveling.  will continue to follow this story.

Getting Hard

LitRPG story with humor and nice world building

nice start to the story.  Good world building and good game mechanics.  Will be very interested in finding how the MC balances the game and virtual world.  Some crude humor so if you are easily offended, this story might not be for you.


read it.

Change: New World

Very nice story and plot.  Good character development.  Very good world building and game mechanics.  Good combo of strong. MC without being overpowered. good luck and de elopement of skills. N highly entertaining and I highly recommend.

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

A very good story.  MC is an ass but that means the writing is good when you start to feel emotions.  I am very excited to explore and follow this story.  Well worth the read.

Kill 10 Rats

What a fun and entertaining LitRPG story

What an engaging and fun story.  Highly recommend

Loser of Tarinath

very entertaining story.  Good MC and game dynamics.  Keeps true to the world and the players do not become over-powered vs creatures.