It's a Reincarnation of the Reincarnator (Book I)

Hoo boy this is a hard novel to review. Let me start off by saying, that some of the issues that user ACERBIC pointed out is genuine concerns. However, the genre is called Fantasy. It's meant to be unrealistic. So feeling put off by them to the point you wont atleast read 10 chapters feels like slap in the face of the Author's hardwork. 

Firstly the bad things. I would like to echo Acerbic in one issue. The info dump regarding the MC's family was unneeded at the time. You could have let the readers know through Butler Zhao later on and the information would have flowed smoother.

The grammer while bad gets better as the story goes on. You can see visible improvements if one binge read the chapters like I did. A bigger problem I believe is the repitition of information from chapter to chapter. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

As for the good things, I love the cast. Little dumpling is an instant favorite and I really like the rest of the supporting cast. They are fleshed out well and the different POVs work well for this story. A protagonist can carry a medicore story but it's the supporting characters that will truly help seprate a mediocore one from a good story. I like the direction the story is going in and I hope kingdom building with some wars and fluffy moments are in horizon to come. 

In conclusion, yes this story has problems. It's being written by someone who wholly acknowledges that they are new at this. However the story is fun to read, and at the end of the day a fun story is all that we come to RRL for. I hope the author is not disheartened by any bad reviewers and do their best to make this story and their following stories better. 

Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

Unique spin on transmigration and misunderstanding tropes

This story does 2 things and it does 2 things very well

1. Perspective of an "Overpowered MC" and the surroundings reaction to him. I feel that the main reason why people like this genre is mostly due to this and this story executes this perfectly.

2. A larger more intricate plot being moved along by the misunderstandings. This is mainly what convinced me to stay. The OP mc gets boring after a while and authors write themselves into a ditch often as evidenced by all the stories on here that never took after the first 2 arcs.

The story has a likeable MC, an engaging story line that takes you along for a ride and a supporting cast that actually feels like they have a reason to exist. 

All in all great story. I loved binge reading it and massive thanks to LivingSpoon for taking a new spin on genre I love.

The Law of Averages

Average is the farthest thing this story is

Lets be honest here. We have all gotten bored of the typical fantasy world stories now. This story is breath of fresh air in a site chock full with either OP reincarnators or harem chasers or both. 

The story follows a totally average man gets handed powers that by all definition is extroadinary and how he uses it to become extroadinary himself. It starts off slow but each arc is filled with delightful writing that makes the reader fall in love with character everytime(Looking at you Gregoir) The pacing is slow at first and it is a little hard to get into but if you make it past the first 10 chapters and are still not turned off, then it only gets better. 

This has quickly become one of my new favorite novels on RRL and I wish nothing but the best for the author and this story due to how unique and engaging this new story is. 

RE: Trailer Trash

All the other reviews have basically outlined why this story is great so I'm not going to go into that. Its definitely worth your time. Don't let the slow updates turn you from this wonderful story. The length of the chapter, and the immaculate writing style note than makes up for it. Each chapter flows well into another that you can read chapters weeks apart and still be in touch with the story. 

I'd also like to give words of encouragement to the author. They have been doing a fantastic job but the influx of 0.5 reviews must be disheartening. Don't get discouraged. The review system is very broken. And there are those trolls will give you such reviews for no reason. Keep up the good work. This story is amazing 

Deck of Souls

I read only 9 chapters and I'm already hooked to this novel. Its a little too early say anything concrete about the novel but what I've read shows this story is just amazing. And it doesnt hurt that the MC is a badass who wants to dominate the game before she even set foot in it. 

Looking forward to how the story will play out in the future and good luck to the author.

I Shall Eat Everything

Better than the previous work

This version is way better the previous version and you can see it from the start. I stand by what I said last time around that this story is refreshing to read and overall a sight for sore eyes. However due the lack of chapters I cannot say anything more. Give it a read and you might be surprised as the author has clearly polished their skills further this time around. 

Best of luck to you this time as well Turtle.

( I will edit the review when there are more chapters )

StarPath Online

As of this review there aren't many chapters and so it's hard to actually say anything concrete about the story. However I liked the chapters out so far. The story is slow to start and many might be put off by this. For people like that I suggest waiting to binge read a lot of the chapters in one go. 

Main character is a crafter in a VR game and so far he's still in the noob phase. Not much to speak about as he's just starting out. Liked it so far and I hope that people would give this story a little more attention 

Eat and Grow Strong (Old)

Not much to really say about this story at the moment. Story has common genres mixed together with a likeable transmigrated MC and a good OP cheat. A story like the countless others you can find but what this story has that others dont is the light hearted atmosphere. The story is presented to the reader in simple writing that allows anyone to be immersed into the story almost immedietely. So if you like 

1. An MC thats not a raging asshole 

2. Lighthearted story telling 

give this story a chance and it may just surprise you. 

A Snake's Rise

The Second Book we all needed

This is the continuation of the story A Snakes Life and like the previous book Torga is just getting bigger and bigger~. Currently only 2 chapters are out as of writing this review so I cannot comment on the story so far but I hope the story quality stays consistent with Book 1. Grammar is excellent, the story is coherent and with likable characters this book is a must read. 

RE: Young Master

The story is still in its infancy and so nothing definite can be said as of now. Howeever based on the chapters that has been released so far ( ch 6 ) the story is fun to read, has a good pace and a MC who doesnt have shit for brains. Absolutely loving it so far and cant wait for the story to truly take off.