1. Re: Aliens bring VR to earth

      Seems to be still on RoyalRoad though: But who knows, maybe the Amazon Version is overhauled, so it might be worth the purchase? (Or to support the author (...)

    2. Re: NonHuman MC

      Thanks. It plagued me too because I couldn't remember the name of exactly that story. ("The Damned") A shame that the author removed the old chapters for the rewrite... it only has 35 chapters now. And (...)

    3. Re: Um... It's about a black kid and... A farm?

      Hey, it's a gamble that I answer here, but since I can't be more than wrong I will simply try it. I haven't read it, not even a single chapter, but the all knowing Google says it could be:

    4. Re: Old Stories

      Ive been on this site years ago when Forgotten Conqueror was just 1 volume, I was still following clockwork, and Dont Fear the Reaper was one of the top stories, we still used usernames instead of emails (...)

    5. Re: Earthern Immortal

      I don't know if that is the story you are looking for, but the only and closes google search result is "The Earthen Immortal"

    6. Re: Old top story

      It's indeed deleted. But it was a top story that was a long time online. With a bit of detective work you should manage to find working links ;) I will write you a PM.

    7. Re: a sentient pocket watch that became a mechanical god (old story)

      I googled "royalroad +watch +time +god" and found this 5 year old story that seems to fit your description: It sounds very interesting. Unfortunately (...)

    8. Re: Title Name

      For a moment I thought it was "Cultivating Earth" you meant.  Immortal, opening schools and keeping Earth an secret checks out.  The other (...)

    9. Re: forgot title

      It sounds exactly like "Devourer of Destiny". It was deleted here some time ago for whatever reason. But if you google it you will still find 156 chapters of it online somewhere else (*caugh* (...)

    10. Re: Tricked into becoming a healer

      I remember reading the beginning. But I stopped reading after she wasted all his stat points. I can't remember the name, and I searched and searched for it without finding a clue.  ptgatsby says it (...)

    11. Re: reincarnate mc looking for wife. cultivation

      I am not sure if it's it, I don't know about all the details you mentioned, I only know that he is a snake (snake cover) and wants to reunite with his wife ;)

    12. Re: Started this story a while ago, lost it.

      I remember that I read the beginning too. It was too cruel, the MC wasn't even allowed to finish reading Naruto before he died 😅 It's indeed Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos on Webnovel, like Zethuron (...)

    13. Re: REINCARNATION into a (Villain/Mob/Side) character.

      You do mean Fanfictions in which the Villain / Side Character is suddenly the MC, right? One that comes to my mind would be "How much for your Soul?" here on Royalroad. It's a Fanfiction of "Tales of (...)

    14. Re: Need help finding a story.

      I am pretty sure I read it too, but for the life of me, I also couldn't remember the name of the story. Luckily I nearly never close my opened tabs, so it was still amongst the ~300 tabs I have open.  (...)

    15. Re: MC who is mainly a tank

      The MC of Towers of Heaven by munxy was / is (gonna be) quite tanky. Unfortunately for us readers he removed book 1 & 2 to sell them on Amazon. And the uploads of book 3 are very, very unregulary / slow, (...)

    16. Re: Sreaching for female Protagonist novels with sluty or simply leads who have a lot of sex

      I remember reading "Tales of a Seductress" and there is also the continuation "Tales of an Enchantress". But I didn't read it to the end... I couldn't quite agree with the logic of the female MC. Not (...)

    17. Re: TDG fanfic with two transmigrators

      It should be "How Much For Your Soul?" by "From Planet Bob" It's on Royalroad (and on Webnovel).  It's not completed yet, but it's not abandoned either... I think. 

    18. Re: A bird type MC or something

      I know which novel you mean... I will try to remember the name and post it here.  But I know for a fact that it was deleted. Around a year ago I was reading it when suddenly I got an error message. (...)

    19. Re: MC is reincarnates with matter manipulation, and makes stuff purple

      Nevermind guys, I found it again and its not that good, plus its on Hiatus. for anyone interested its name is Specrtral Regalia Blasphemy! It's one of my favorites! 😅 So I could also have (...)

    20. Re: Looking for fantasy or sci-fi story where the MC dies and travels back in time, into a younger version of him self.

      No problem. But they may also be rushed. Hard to judge for me. So not sure if you are too happy with them.  But at least they are from different authors, so it can't hurt to take a look yourself ;)