1. Re: story about a magically crippled combat alchemist.

      I believe the title was Essence of Ash, and it has been removed from Royalroad. I'm not sure about the author, but it was originally Woofcano, which now redirects (or was name changed?) to HoundMaster. (...)

    2. Re: The chance of a lifetime! One I don’t wanna screw up...

      It's a bit late, but given that she would probably like classic fantasy more than modern fantasy (which really is easier to understand if you have been exposed to the theme's tropes), I'll recommend (...)

    3. Re: SpaceBattles Fiction Worth Reading?

      It's very hard to find stories there though. What do you mean? It was easy. First, you go into the website and then clicks on Creative Writings in Spacebattles Creative Forums and voila, you found (...)

    4. Re: SpaceBattles Fiction Worth Reading?

      If you haven't read it already, I recommend reading The Last Angel. I view it as a classic. I also enjoyed The Ancient. It's very hard to find stories there though.

    5. Re: Author Bullying

      Aside from deleting comments and flagging comments/users for mod attention, what action can we take to improve the community and QOL? I know most of the readers doing this are likely not forum users (...)

    6. Re: Writing Advice You Recieved in School that's Actually Terrible

      Uh, sorry, your example actually is wrong according to what I learned.  You should use a period unless the same sentence of dialogue resumes after the tag.  For example: "For pity's sake," Jill slapped (...)

    7. Re: Beta-Gamma World or some such.

      I believe it is Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10.

    8. Re: The quest is bullshit, what's the correct tittle?

      I'm really curious how you use the search function, because it's the first and only hit I get on 'bullshit' oh damn right! now I'm just embarrassing myself lmao. I search quest

    9. Re: The quest is bullshit, what's the correct tittle?

      This Quest Is Bullshit?

    10. Re: Tricked into becoming a healer

      I don't remember the story name but I know the story was removed from RR because I left a review which has disappeared. IIRC, the author removed it.

    11. Re: Red writer books? Where are they?

      I tried to read some of they're books recently and I can't find anything on the author at all. The two books he wrote that I liked were  -author of eternity  -Wolven Blade and Bells. Any idea what (...)

    12. Re: Western Cultivation (Am I being too judgmental?)

      How do people who haven't grown up with Asian culture view it? Things which are perfectly reasonable and expected in my eyes might not be to others. It's one of those moment when you realize something (...)

    13. Re: What to post

      Although there are quite a few opinions, I think that there is a general consensus (and some data to support) Less than 1000: Too short 1000-1500: Barely enough 1500-2500: Doable and common 2500-3500: (...)

    14. Re: Another transported to another world story

      Should be How To avoid Death on a Daily Basis, judging from the character name.

    15. Re: Content with Controversial Topics: Sexuality and Relationships

      You say that, but this story has done reasonably well. I do not know your story (presumably it's not "Doing God's Work, which I do enjoy) and cannot comment. This seems more like a dispute with the (...)

    16. Re: Content with Controversial Topics: Sexuality and Relationships

      I am not interested in propaganda. I am interested in art. Art asks hard questions. Art does not flinch from controversy. And art does not bow to authoritarianism. I agree with you on art, but this may (...)

    17. Re: Main characters and slavery

      In books I often find this hard to understand, and especially in the aformentioned world it ‘lowers’ my immersion in the story. Is this just me, or do some of my fellow readers share this opinion. And (...)

    18. Re: Content with Controversial Topics: Sexuality and Relationships

      Hmm, I find myself in the unusual position of defending RR as a 'publisher' here: I think they are pretty clear on what is and is not allowed, and I find it pretty inclusive. Keep in mind, this is IMO, (...)

    19. Re: Descriptions of Distance, Time, And Numbers

      You do get a lot of leeway unless "she" is the one narrating. A semi-omniscient or omniscient narrator doesn't have to hold to your/"her" rules. You do have to be careful about when you are using "her" (...)

    20. Re: Dialogue Tags

      Do you find it distracting to read something that uses single quotation marks (British convention) instead of double quotation marks (American convention) for dialogue tags? I find it distracting, but (...)