An author's new view

At chapter 3, it's a fun if short read so far

A Goblin's Evolution

Not only is the charactar and world building done in such a way as to keep everything interesting without being info-dumpy but the nsfw parts are kept well written and not as the main focause which would get in the way of story development but neather does the nsfw things happen just once and then the author acts like it never happened and never does it again, it just keeps a good balance. Highly recommended!

The Divine Path

I like this kind of story if u like rebirth of a thief who roamed the world and the great thief over on novel updates u will like this (but this MC does not seem to be a thief thus far (chapter 5))


This feels Profesional and is great to read.  Sadly such high quality seems to take time meaning comparitivly slow updates, but totally worth a read

Down the Deep Blue Hole

I don't know what this has to do with a blue hole but...

I like it so far the story has a pleasant pace about it an a bit of uniqueness to it over all enjoyable I just don't know what it has to do with blue holes witch as far as I know are very deep holes in the middle of relativly shallow bodies of water anyway I like it

Haven in a Dangerous World (Old)

I'm a big fan of dungeon stories an this one has a good and unique start I look forward to what comes next


It's good just a bit slow moving as I'm on chapter 16 and they are berry in the system with hardly any use of it

Edit/note I don't know if it's just a visual glitch on my end but for some reason whatever I rate this star wise it apers in the review it shows as one less right now I have it at 4.5 stars but shows when I look at the public version 3.5 stars

Cultivating Dungeon

I hope the author keeps this going as it seems interesting so far and I would like to see where it goes .  As of now (chapter 6) it's been good and worth the time to read

This Game We Call Life

Its as though the author has memory loss...

The good in this story is there however it's completely overshadowed by the bad in the story.  I'm writing this at chapter 25 and I don't think I can make it any further the author contradicts themselves more and more as the story goes on( example the magic in the beginning the mc obviously didn't know of its existence as he was surprised by Mr smith).  It s like the magic with almost everything including god's his personality other people's personality and so on to top it off the author seems to have forgotten the purpose of stats are to quantify strength witch I'm sure not even the author knows anymore.  In short it's as though the author is writing a new story every 3 chapters each one only lightly inspired by the previous story