1. Re: Martial Arts Moves from Popular Songs

      Kind of meta, but there is always “Everybody was Kung-fu Fighting.” DCHaru

    2. One Sentence Characterization

      As authors, we often allow ourselves quite a bit of time to develop the characters of our protagonists, taking long chapters to lay out the minutia of our characters' motivations and emotions. This (...)

    3. Martial Arts Moves from Popular Songs

      OK, so in your average xianxia/progression fantasy, you have people shouting out their moves as they perform them. Things like "Dragon Rising Up The Mountain Against the Setting Sun." You know, things (...)

    4. Re: So, what's an antonym for "grimdark"?

      So, many of these ideas were incredible, but I actually found the best answer on a tube of my six-year-old granddaughter's toothpaste. It is a Crest toothpaste marketed at kids and has so much sugar in (...)

    5. Made Rising Stars in Historical Fiction

      Wow. What can I say? I just realized that our work has reached Rising Stars in the category of Historical Fiction. It is an amazing achievement and one that is entirely due to our readers, who are the (...)

    6. Weirdest thing you ever put in a book?

      This hasn't actually made it into one of my books yet, but I may write something science-fictiony just so I can include it. One day I woke up from a dream. It had been incredibly vivid, but I could (...)

    7. Re: Will You Defend? Or Ignore?

      All publicity is good publicity. Just put on your cover "Come find out what all those idiots on Goodreads were complaining about!"  That isn't the most terrible idea, but is there someplace you can (...)

    8. Re: Will You Defend? Or Ignore?

      I think that engaging with people who are negative about your work is just a huge waste of time. As others have mentioned, there is little recourse for an author here on RR to try and answer a negative (...)

    9. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      So. I hope this helps in some way? Yeah, it does. And, you are right, the 1.5 mil was the number of views the ad got. As to the description of the book not grabbing you, that is also completely fair. (...)

    10. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      Your view to follower ratio is very good, imo. As well as the likes, favorites and ratings. All are above "average". You should be proud over that. Thank you for the kind words. We are pleased with (...)

    11. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      I don't know how important raw follower count is (if at all), but you definitely don't need 700 to get on the main list.  I got on the main list with well less than half of that recently. Huh, that (...)

    12. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      If the adverts don't get you high on rising stars, then I would say they were a waste of money. Yeah, except from what I have seen, the rising stars list seems to have a hard bottom limit of 700 or (...)

    13. Re: OK, once more with feeling: anything you would label as a farce?

      OK, found at least one. Prophecy Approved Companion here on RR. DCHaru

    14. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      Thank you for sharing your results. Again, this is not a post to condemn RR advertising, although I am obviously a bit disappointed at the somewhat lackluster results. I just want people to get a datapoint (...)

    15. My experience with Royal Road advertising

      So, to try and boost my follower numbers, I bought some ads on RR. I will let you decide for yourself if the expenditure was worth it. First of all, I am going to assume that I would be able to get at (...)

    16. Re: OK, once more with feeling: anything you would label as a farce?

      Everyone loves large chests Yeah, I've actually read that and the incredible sexual abuse in the fifth book frankly turned my stomach. While it has some amusing elements, it is way to sick for my tastes. (...)

    17. Re: Need refrence

      In my opinion, one thing that is important is to jump into the story sooner rather than later. There are authors who are so proud of their worldbuilding that they spend 50 pages at the beginning laying (...)

    18. Re: Bees in my bonnet (words people get wrong).

      The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways (...)

    19. OK, once more with feeling: anything you would label as a farce?

      Before, I asked for something like Big Sneaky Barbarian, but I am now broadening my horizons. Is there anything stupid, ridiculous, riddled with horrible puns, or filled with jokes that make you want to (...)

    20. Anything like "Big Sneaky Barbarian" that mocks and lampoons litRPG tropes?

      So, I just finished "Big Sneaky Barbarian," and I love the fact that instead of an overpowered MC who smoothly progresses from level to level in a triumph of OPedness (is that a word?) the protagonist (...)