1. Re: New Author here inviting anyone to share tips on how to grow on Royal Road.

      Pretty much exactly how you grow on anything else.  Roots, soil, water, and sunlight.

    2. Re: Help a new writer

      There was a porn movie I saw last week that I wouldn't mind a fan fic of.  

    3. Re: Do I have to pander with my cover?

      I once got over 1500 follows with a photo of a swamp I took on my iPhone.  It was not a good photo.  Just some water, trees and a few cattails.  I did not put my name or title of my fiction on it.  Just (...)

    4. Re: What makes characters memorable?

      I think that the best way to make a character memorable is to describe their junk ad nauseam.  I base this on how many writers spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time describing their women character’s boobs. (...)

    5. Re: Anybody used Fiverr?

      That was the first time and the last time I ever used their service.

    6. Re: Anybody used Fiverr?

      Used fiver once to make a cover.  Paid $200 upfront for a picture from a guy who had a good looking fiver page and promised to do quality custom work.  After I paid he got in touch and asked me what I (...)

    7. Re: The best times to post

      If I was just staring off I would try different times.  Not to look for a “best time” but to give yourself better exposure.  Posqt a chapter at night, the n a chapter during the day, the a chapter in a (...)

    8. Re: The best times to post

      I don’t get a lot of reads when I post in the middle of the night (US time) but they do come.

    9. Re: The Complete Tag

      It is my guess that few people look at the complete tag.  I choose what I read from 1) what looks interesting in the trending fiction list, 2) what random fiction just posted looks interesting, 3) searches (...)

    10. Re: Non-native english speaker. should i try making a fiction?

      There are already a ton of non-native English speakers writing fiction here.  

    11. Re: too much romance on a litrpg?

      Male faction vs Female Faction.  Straight games.  Gay games.  100 meter hump.

    12. Re: Thoughts on my Book Cover? (Not Finished)

      This took me 5 minutes.  I stole a copy of a ringwraith and some generic Manga guy -- I don't know anything about manga or anime so he might be a famous character.  So technically I violated a bunch of (...)

    13. Re: too much romance on a litrpg?

      I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing a status screen with a debuff of “boner” listed.  It would probably cause a -10 to intelligence and force an automatic 0 wisdom when dealing with women (of men if (...)

    14. Re: too much romance on a litrpg?

      Depends.  Sometimes on this site I think sitting at home beating off to porn is considered Romance

    15. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      I really like your story, started reading it from when you posted your third chapter and mentioned a long time ago in this very forum.  What I'm trying to say is that I've already given it five stars, (...)

    16. Re: Opening a small writing group...

      still looking for people?

    17. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Seriously I can't believe you missed  https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/26294/he-who-fights-with-monsters Best story on the site for the past few days

    18. Re: poetry on RR?

      I post my poetry on http://fictionaut.com  Or at least I did until I started getting my poetry published and then I took it down. I do have a couple of poems inside my fiction though.

    19. Re: How do you really define a psychopath?