1. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      I would just like to point out how ridiculous you're being. You claim to not want to argue semantics, but you're categorically refusing anyone who calls themselves an editor despite the fact that what (...)

    2. Re: Night School on Reddit

      Hey everyone, I've decided to continue Night School on Reddit; new lessons on Fridays. Check it out if you're interested in receiving critique on your pieces: https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingNightSchool/

    3. Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

      Absolutely love it. Thank you so much!

    4. Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

      Hi there, cool art. I would like to request an edited cover. Eterna's Source, 200 pages, 918 followers  I commissioned a stylized infinity symbol to go with my story that I would like to be incorporated (...)

    5. RE: Lesson 14: Character Perspective

      @MoonRake: Bonus star for being exactly 500 words :P Just a pointer for any future writing you do: Put an extra line break or some kind of marker (like a horizontal rule or something like "***") when (...)

    6. RE: Admins need to stop bullying; What other sites have populations similar or + than RR?

      The staff at RRL care deeply about the readers and writers who make this site an active, vibrant community. We are constantly trying to improve the site and balance the interests of many users who have (...)

    7. RE: Where're my achievements?

      The earlier achievements for our writing contests were given to winners only, not all participants. The cow level achievement was only available last April Fool's Day if you participated in the forum thread, (...)

    8. RE: Formatting issues in new RRL

      The new reader automatically spaces out line breaks in order to improve readability for a lot of fictions that do not have extra line breaks between paragraphs, and there is no way to set it to not add (...)

    9. RE: What do the tags stand for?

      You can find the tag descriptions my mousing over them in Advanced Search (click the Advanced Search button on http://royalroadl.com/fictions/search). The content warning tags can only be found if you (...)

    10. RE: What do the tags stand for?

      Directly from our tag descriptions: "LitRPG is literature that includes gaming elements. These elements can be in the setting, mechanics (like levelling up), adventuring guilds giving quests, game-centric (...)

    11. RE: NaNoWriMo 2016

      If you have completed your NaNoWriMo challenge, post a link to your fiction with a word count so that the staff can save time checking on submissions.

    12. Lesson 14: Character Perspective

      Almost all of storytelling is told from a particular character's perspective. In first person writing, this is fairly absolute, but even the so-called "third person omniscient" is flavoured by specific (...)

    13. RE: Lesson 9: The Main Character

      @Mr Sir Your piece did a reasonable job of depicting a dance scene, with good description of some aspects of ballet (as far as I can tell, though I really know nothing about ballet), but it did little (...)

    14. RE: Spark's Desk

      In this piece, your John was "disciplined" in a neat-freak kind of way. Remember that someone who is disciplined doesn't necessarily have to impose rules on other people. Other than Teresa running Blake's (...)

    15. RE: Where's the Font selection?

      Hi there, You can control various aspects of your reading experience including dark/light theme, font, font size, and background image dimming directly in the reader, as soon as you open any chapter (...)

    16. Lesson 13: Time Skips

      Skipping time is an integral part of storytelling. It's your job to bring attention to the events that are important to the story, and create a piece that isn't unnecessarily long. Skipping time also (...)

    17. RE: Being genre savvy

      For the record, this would constitute dramatic irony (characters discussing things that have significance to the reader due to the reader having more knowledge than the characters) rather than breaking (...)

    18. RE: Why do people like gender bender?

      I don't actually think it's true outside of this site that most genderbender stories are male-to-female. My two favourites are both female-to-male: Hana Kimi (manga/live action drama) and 1/2 Prince (light (...)

    19. RE: Why only few writers decided to make epub's?

      Oh, you don't need to buy a program like Scrivener to compile epubs. Free software such as Calibre can easily convert between formats such as DOCX, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, LIT, and pretty much anything that you (...)

    20. RE: Spark's Desk

      I have move your posts here. They are automatically arranged by date posted. If you had completed the lessons one at a time, the lessons would be grouped with their critique, but in your case they are (...)