The Perfect Run

I can't quantify enough how much I love Quicksave beating Mario.

But in all seriousness, this is probably my number 1 favorite novel, and I picked it up perfectly timed to read the last chapter 2 days after it was posted. 

Gonna feel empty without some Mario Smashed bros

Quicksave is love, Quicksave is life


Went into this with low expectations, now I'm an addict and I need my fix pls

A Gentleman's Curse

I am biased, that said:

Great Author our cult leader has given us his blessing of knowledge and I am here today to share it with you, Fire kills fire so to help the world turn everyone on fire so they can't turn on fire. 5/7 Unibrows would approvee

The Book of Mors: Summoned

I don't care what others say they don't like about this, it's 100x better than those wishfullfillment stories with tens of girls in their harems. This novel deserves much better reviews, I mostly don't give reviews and I'm bad at it as you can probably see from this but this guy needs a cookie

The Arcane Emperor

At first I was just a casual reader that read a few books worth of chapters a month, an addiction, but one under control. This novel changed that for me, this is my heroin, I just can't stop reading now. It's so bad that even when we get these longer than normal chapters, my body just wants more :'(

Needless to say 10/10 *please send help*


I see Andur I press like

I'm a simple reader, I see Andur, I press like and binge read