Shows some promise, needs an edit

So, full disclosure, this isn't really my kind of story. It seems to be quite trauma-focused as the author's notes suggest, and that's generally not my thing. That being said, there is definitely some promise being shown in the first couple of chapters. It definitely needs an edit (for example, Damien's last name seems to change from Brown to Green in the space of a sentence) but the main character seems to have a reasonably distinct voice and there is enough going on to stir up some intrigue.

I was initially put off by the idea that the MC seems to know that the fires being started are being caused by some mysterious Entity, but changed my mind when it was presented as more of a coping strategy for an unexplainable phenomenon that she doesn't want to believe is her fault. That kind of thing builds trust in the author that they know what they are doing.

In terms of negatives, some sections are a bit awkward. Either an overuse of adjectives or some of the dialogue just not sounding quite right. There's a bit some worldbuilding is done in dialogue regarding some 2048 accords and a civil war and this is a good way of establishing the setting, but it comes across as a bit awkward and like he probably wouldn't be quite so expository. A lot of these issues are things that could be straightened out with a bit of editing and proofing though.


Overall, I'd say it's not for me would probably appeal to people who like a more trauma-focused story. 

This Quest is Bullshit

4 stars = a good book I would probably recommend

Just finished this series on Kindle and mostly it was quite fun. The characters tend to be likable and it can be reasonably funny. The exp gains feel a bit all over the place, but the book isn't taking itself very seriously so it doesn't really matter. I think my main negative is that there is some bigging up of the main character in ways that aren't appropriately set up. I won't go into detail, but there is a bit of telling the reader the main character is strong-willed without sufficiently showing that in the story, which takes a bit away from some cool moments in the story as they don't feel entirely earned. 

Kairos: A Greek Myth LitRPG

Favorite of Durand's (that I've read so far)

4 stars = a good book I would proably recommend.

Read this series on Amazon. I've also read one of the author's other series and started a couple more. From what I've read, I think this is his best work. The world feels really interesting and I really like the spin on the litrpg formula with people needing to earn a legend in order to break through level barriers. It justifies why there aren't a ton of high level people around and works well with the Greek myth theme. In terms of negatives, there are a few plot threads that feel like there is going to be more done with them, but that's a fairly minor nitpick.