The Dao of the Machine

The Dao of the Machine (...)
by WilliamMyrl
406 pages

Sunwhisper is the youngest member of an exploration team sent across space and time to find the source of all magic. After his group is wiped out by a single old cultivator, he must find his place as a mechanoborg, an artificial human, in a world without advanced technology, seeking to complete the mission meant to save the reality from which he came. 

Though his ability to cultivate is almost nonexistent, he has one advantage, the reality he came from was a LitRPG. 

This is a progression story that aims to explore the development of the most powerful statistic of all, EQ.

This tinman gets a heart.

Updates on Sundays.

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Born Different [Monster Evolution LitRPG]

Born Different [Monster (...)
by Vnator
246 pages

In the dark caverns of a secluded dungeon, Click the spider is born with the impossibly rare gift of great Intelligence. Only the strongest of monsters can hope to survive in the savage dungeon, and Click must make the most of their unique abilities to come out on top… or at least alive.

Click can best be described as Lawful-Neutral, but in a way that they see merit in making and benefitting from allies rather than trample everything under them. So not a Hero, but definitely not a mindlessly evil villain.

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All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

All the Dust that Falls: (...)
by zaifyr
491 pages

Some seek power. Some seek justice. Others seek to root out the filth lurking in the darkest of corners.

Spot was summoned from his comfortable charging pad and familiar floors to a world of magic and intrigue. After the flight of his new patrons, he is left to care for a filthy castle. During his quest to keep this new home clean, he will face demons, foreign armies, and the dreaded stairs.

All those who stand before him will be swept away. Those who follow his spotless trail will find enlightenment, purity, and a world on its knees.

Follow this wholesome vacuum on his quest to power.

Posts Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

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