1. Re: A Few Questions On Tables

      1: There is a preview button you can use for new chapters you add to the fiction, but for some reason, you don't have this function for new submissions. You'll have to submit your fiction as it is and (...)

    2. Re: Solution to "Finding the Key" an Anniversary countdown event.

      Huh... what editing program is that? Would have made it much easier for me... I... I used paint. I know, horrible... And the finish was rather patchwork too.. *sigh*. It got the job done though! -Dok (...)

    3. Re: Turn-based games (Final Fantasy style?)

      Divinity series, has an abundance of RP elements, non-linear campaign, and a very tactical combat system that requires you to plan beforehand. You can even play with a friend (I play couch co-op with only (...)

    4. Re: "Sexual Content" tag

      Read this To OP, no, I don't think vulgar words warrant that tag, nor does suggestive scenes leading up to the deed, as long as it doesn't explicitly describe the whole thing. It's hard to say, (...)

    5. Re: Comedy writers needed

      At least it's not limp. *slow clap* I need help making comedy scenes for my stories. I watch a lot of comedy from anime yet I don't have the confidence that it will good. If there's anyone (...)

    6. Re: What do you think the best dungeon monster would be?

      Giant mushroom-eating skunks. I don't think I need to explain.

    7. RE: Tabstops

      That's fair. I've never used any other platforms than this one so I wouldn't know, but whatever. Thanks for answering.

    8. Tabstops

      This is a small thing, but it's something that's been bothering me for a while. Is there a tab-stop function on this site? In MS Word, you place a tabstop on the ruler and when you press the tab button, (...)

    9. RE: is there room on RRL for erotica?

      F.A.Q.- "While mature content may be included, fictions that mainly focuses on said content will be deleted." This, but before you decide on something, take a look at these fictions. Re:Hamster (...)

    10. RE: [Group Interest Check] Garden of Lilies- A home for lovers of Yuri.

      Keep in mind that if you do form a "Romance" group, you could create subsections for your group's story list and simply make one of them, "Yuri". I think this is the best way to go about it. Win-win (...)

    11. RE: weird, different, off, etc...

      What is god to a non believer Umm, never mind. It's too much for any sane person and the structure is just dreadful. Please ignore that. Maybe this? I've Been Summoned as a Hero ...I'm a God Though (...)

    12. RE: looking for MC that stays an animal

      Slightly Contradictory, but it has gone without an update for 2 months.  MC is born as fox-beast-furball-thing and goes on a fluff-fluff arsekicking adventure with her badass adoptive mum.

    13. RE: lf> mature novels

      I don't know of one personally, but you can use the grimdark tag and get fairly decent result. Maybe even play with the horror and tragedy genre tags? You can't search for 'mature' tags currently, but (...)

    14. RE: Repetition of certain words is detrimental to a story

      "In the distance, I saw a humongous wall.  This humongous wall stretched for miles over the plains.  Coming from a small wooded village, I had never seen such a humongous feature.  How could someone (...)

    15. RE: Beginner with no experience whatsoever

      If it's your first story, I recommend writing shorter ones with clear outlines from beginning to end. If you're serious in writing, it's probably best to improve your skill slowly and not rush it on one (...)

    16. RE: Tags

      They are, however, planning to include the warning tags to help in searching fictions.  And yes, they don't seem to have any plan on adding new (...)

    17. Reincarnated into dragon in same world

      I think I read it on this site some time ago.  If I remember it right, it's about some kind of hero(?) who dies and gets reincarnated into a dragon yet to be born into (I think) the same fantasy world (...)

    18. RE: I need your help!!!

      Hi! So nice to see someone from WKWK Land here. XD My activities here are sporadic so I can't do anything long-term, but I can help you with a few chapters, maybe even help translate your stories. (...)

    19. RE: Does anyone else not care about action/characters?

      In all intents, do continue to write this fiction. I'm personally curious how it will turn out. You're here debating about whether a character makes the story, but the opposite can be true as well. (...)

    20. RE: What details do you leave out?

      Setting plays a big factor for me. If it's a scene where the character observes something new, for example, details should be worded out. On the other hand, if it's a fast-paced action scene, there (...)