Daphne [A Plankton to Kaiju LitRPG]

Daphne [A Plankton to Kaiju LitRPG]
112 pages

Harpoon your enemies!

See their bodies pulverized before you.

Feast on their writhing flesh chunks which your phyllopods filter from the water into your mouthparts. That is best in life.

Plankton.  The swarm of vivid life that feeds all creatures that dwell in the waters.  It is invisible, ubiquitous, unnoticed.

It is a battlefield!  Filled with hunters armed with claws that bite, rend, eviscerate! Terrified prey flee into the depths, hiding in shadowed waters.  Compared to the endless war to survive amongst the plankton, the macro-life have grown soft, complacent.

Now Daphne has gained the means to swim among the macro-life.  Watch as she grows stronger, fiercer; soon she will duel openly against the cruelest and strongest to decide who will be the Apex Predator of all the waters.

One day, all will tremble before Daphne, the Endless Maw that Devours ALL !

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Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands
17 pages

Luke is a regular guy, with a regular-guy life. He has a wife, a daughter, two cars and a house.

He's living the regular guy dream.

Thing is, this isn't a regular world anymore.  The Awakened and their powers have de-regularized things. When heroes and villains are running around the city monologuing and fighting, it can get a little nerve-wracking.

Luke can mostly deal, he's also Awakened.

His superpowers however, are super-weak, barely E-class, and Luke knows what real power is.

Luke's cousin Mike is Star Commander, the world's only SSS-class awakened Hero. 

When Mike's power was measured for the first time, they had to redraw the power curve, just like every other time he did things when Luke and Mike were growing up. 

The thing is, Luke is content with his life, wouldn't want Mike's superhero life.  It does not bother him that his powers are basically nothing.

Every once in a while though?

Nothing is a real cool hand

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