Super Supportive (Superhero System Novel)

Super Supportive (Superhero (...)
by Sleyca
590 pages

Everyone wants to be a superhero.

Except for Alden. He wants to be a sidekick. He's got his reasons, but the path ahead won't be an easy one.

Even if he's lucky enough to become one of the few humans who are granted powers by the extraterrestrial system that's been running things on Earth for decades, true battlefield support classes are rare, and old-school sidekicks haven't been popular in years.

But Alden's got determination on his side...and maybe a murderous demon, too.

I wrote this story because I wanted to read a superhero origin story every step of the way from the very beginning. You will get slice of life and world building on multiple worlds and darkness and comedy and action. It is a slow burn because that's what I love. I hope you'll enjoy it, too.

** This story has stats, but they don't appear in the early chapters. This is a slow burning story. It's character-driven. It will be long.

**The protagonist is a child in the first chapter, but he will be in his mid to late teens for most of the story. Lots of violence. Some darkness. This is fiction for adults and/or young adults.

** Updates once or twice a week. Please consider supporting with a follow.

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Daphne [A Plankton to Kaiju LitRPG]

Daphne [A Plankton to (...)
by GodtiercupnoodleCHEF
112 pages

Harpoon your enemies!

See their bodies pulverized before you.

Feast on their writhing flesh chunks which your phyllopods filter from the water into your mouthparts. That is best in life.

Plankton.  The swarm of vivid life that feeds all creatures that dwell in the waters.  It is invisible, ubiquitous, unnoticed.

It is a battlefield!  Filled with hunters armed with claws that bite, rend, eviscerate! Terrified prey flee into the depths, hiding in shadowed waters.  Compared to the endless war to survive amongst the plankton, the macro-life have grown soft, complacent.

Now Daphne has gained the means to swim among the macro-life.  Watch as she grows stronger, fiercer; soon she will duel openly against the cruelest and strongest to decide who will be the Apex Predator of all the waters.

One day, all will tremble before Daphne, the Endless Maw that Devours ALL !

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It Lives (Again) : The Off-Brand Prometheus

It Lives (Again) : The (...)
by wordsinaline
293 pages

It's always hard to explain what a story is about, and I hate general summaries with a fairly strong passion.

This is a satire of modern webnovel fantasy conventions. That doesn't make it a comedy, but it is occasionally funny. This is a Fantasy-Horror: where the horror is derived from taking all those cute little ideas that are popular nowadays and taking them to their logical and uncomfortable conclusions.

A man is isekai'd, but why would his body come with him intact across worlds? His body died. No, he wakes up in the flesh of an artificial frankenstein.

He's not an otaku. He's not a nerd, geek, or dork like you and me. He's just a man that's tired and understands what it means to lose.

Summoned from another dimension, he is given a quest to save the kingdom from an invading conqueror. But what if neither country is the "good guy"?

Now, in a universe where magic and levels exist, where everyone can gain superpowers of their own, how long will it be before he realizes that being the strongest person in the room doesn't make you safe.

Expect a continuous and low-grade body-horror discomfort. Expect a tight-lipped, mature protagonist. Expect goblins.

TRIGGER WARNING: Slow burn style story! Contains characters that say stuff and do things, that may be important several chapters later.

Boring stuff FYI: This fiction is not being published anywhere but RR at this moment. If you find it online elsewhere, that be stolen. Y'all know the drill. This story is not to be reproduced, transmitted, or modified, except as a reasonable expectation from how I've shared it with you. No one should interpret this as permission to create derivative materials (for money), feed a machine learning algorithm of any kind, or yadda yadda. Not without permission. If I'm violating anyone else's protected intellectual property, hit me up and I'll try to fix it. Use common sense. Talk to me if you've got questions.

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The Smith's Dao

The Smith's Dao
by BanditZeff
181 pages

Heaven defying powers, a harem of waifu's? Henry doesn't have any of that. stuck in a world of cultivators and magic, he needs to make his living as a blacksmith. Hopefully, he can keep his head down and simply make shovels without attracting the attention of arrogant young masters or corrupt officials. Then again, what fun is life if everything goes exactly as you hope?

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Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands
by GodtiercupnoodleCHEF
17 pages

Luke is a regular guy, with a regular-guy life. He has a wife, a daughter, two cars and a house.

He's living the regular guy dream.

Thing is, this isn't a regular world anymore.  The Awakened and their powers have de-regularized things. When heroes and villains are running around the city monologuing and fighting, it can get a little nerve-wracking.

Luke can mostly deal, he's also Awakened.

His superpowers however, are super-weak, barely E-class, and Luke knows what real power is.

Luke's cousin Mike is Star Commander, the world's only SSS-class awakened Hero. 

When Mike's power was measured for the first time, they had to redraw the power curve, just like every other time he did things when Luke and Mike were growing up. 

The thing is, Luke is content with his life, wouldn't want Mike's superhero life.  It does not bother him that his powers are basically nothing.

Every once in a while though?

Nothing is a real cool hand

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Momo The Ripper [Isekai/LitRPG]

Momo The Ripper [Isekai/LitRPG] (...)
by villa1ny
903 pages

For Momo, an anti-social art major perpetually at risk of dropping out, college life wasn't a great fit.

When she wakes up one morning in a dark cavern full of skeletons and necromancers, she knows a new era of her life is about to start - and dedicates herself to actually being successful in this one.

Chosen for her meek and harmless personality, she is able to exist under the radar as she completes the Dawn's necromantic missions. Watch her as she gains confidence (and class levels), and reluctantly rises from meager apprentice to the Queen of the Underworld.

This is a lighthearted and humorous (but epic!) isekai LitRPG, with a vivid world full of characters for Momo to meet, battle, and revive from the dead.

Schedule: Mon-Thu on RR, with an extra chapter every Friday on Patreon.

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Gilded Serpents

Gilded Serpents
by daveyjonsies
233 pages

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

★°*"There is a dance between you and Fate, Mira. Only you know what the future holds."*°★
When Mira is not chosen by any of the four Guardians as disciple, her entire life is changed. A realm bound in eternal war, she is left without path - until one day a mysterious mask stranger takes her away, causing her to question everything she has ever known.
Gilded Serpents is a Medieval Fantasy-Romance and the first novel in the Solia Series.

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Beers and Beards: A Cozy Dwarf Tale

Beers and Beards: A Cozy (...)
by Jollyjupiter
657 pages

All Pete wanted was to be buried in wine grapes. Was that too much to ask?

Now he's in a fantasy world, far from home, and stuck underground in the body of a smelly dwarf with fantastic facial hair. The worst part though?  The swill that the dwarves are falling all over themselves to drink. Its flat, it's watery, and it has the alcohol content of a rancid coconut. Can Pete save the dwarves from their own Sour fate, or will he be forever doomed to plink his pickaxe away in hopes that he hits the mother lode. 

Come for the cozy fantasy, stay for the beer puns that will leave you hop-ping mad! 

A bubbly slice of life LitRPG with love, laughter, and a little melancholy, just like drinking a bottle of Whitbier on the beach. Has some monster fights and injuries. No elves or harems allowed. 

Updates on Wednesday and Saturday like clockwork. 

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Firebreak - A Superhero Story

Firebreak - A Superhero (...)
by J.Drude
399 pages

Joseph Jaeger is the world’s least famous superhero. When an alien reality ripped through Joseph’s hometown so many years ago, the residents that retained their sanity found themselves forever changed, able to perform great feats of strength and speed, to channel the raw forces of nature, to bend the rules of space and time.

Joseph was given all the power of a pocket lighter.

In this new world, he was insignificant. A curiosity. 

At least that was how it seemed.

Now, Joseph leads a double life: 

In one life he is Firebreak, the weak pyrokinetic and local comic shop owner in Gregory Basin, Montana.

In his other life he is a wanted man. Designation: Bravo One, the mysterious vigilante that hunts supers gone bad.

Joseph would like nothing more than to protect his town and tend his shop, his cover intact, but in walks Camila Johansen, an ambitious young Company agent intent on tearing Firebreak out of his small town life and thrusting him into the public eye.

Meanwhile, Bravo One may be needed once again as more and more supers fall into madness.

***This series has a potentially strong protagonist with clear weaknesses that he needs to work around. Exploring his potential will be a big part of the story. If that's what you're into, give it a shot.***

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Dragonheart Core

Dragonheart Core
by Atenburgh
929 pages

To take a dragon's hoard is to challenge death.

The greatest of the sea-drakes wakes, curled on his silver throne; but there is no silver. His hoard is stolen. He rises, screaming, and chases the thief to the ends of the world—only to be shot from the sky.

But dragons do not die easy, and never one with such festering hatred. A dungeon core rises from his corpse.

If he intends to survive so near the cove of pirates that slew his past self, he'll need to master his powers—and quickly. For these pirates are dragonslayers; they won't be felled by mere mushrooms or spiders.

Beneath the lawless Calarata, the young dungeon core will have to fight to survive; and one day, he will return death to the man who killed him.

Updates on Fridays at 8 pm EST!

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Extermination Order

Extermination Order
by Zander823
544 pages

So it turns out that anime got something right: If you get hit by a truck, you're going to another world. Dennis became subject to that unknown quirk of reality when crossing a busy city street (despite having looked both ways). But that was quite some years ago. He's been around this new world 'Nassur' a time or two and knows how to live a good life. He also knows that adventuring friggin sucks. So, what is a man to do in a fantasy world with a shoddy leveling system that constantly suggests getting more XP, and a condition set by the gods that you must make the world a better place?

Pest extermination.

But reality is often fickle. Perhaps one day it is only rats, another, mechanical centipedes with lasers. Maybe the Dark Lord needs a shoulder to cry on because his dungeon simply can't be ready in time for the adventurers he likes to do battle against. Another poor soul from Earth could appear just as dazed and confused as the day you'd first arrived, requiring a good long talk about 'hey, what the hell is this, man'. And maybe... just maybe, that thick book of owed favors comes back to haunt you.

For a man who desires a peaceful, productive life, Dennis can find it rather difficult for a week to go by where something doesn't go awry.

This series originally started on r/HFY, [Link] but I decided to post it here since people are so positive about it! Posting rate is, and likely will continue to be, rather inconsistent.

Cover art by SSJLuxray! If you like his art and are interested in commissioning a piece, he can be contacted at [email protected] or PMed on his Reddit account at u/SsjLuxray Please do not attempt to pay him in exposure alone. People die from exposure every winter.

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by Innate_Lymphoid_Cell
68 pages

For nine hundred years, the Arcanum has endured as the premier institution of higher magical education in the Kingdom of Renaitia. Its graduates maintain the Kingdom's sovereignty against demonic incursions from the Abyss, explore the Far Planes, push back against hordes of Outworlders seeking to claim dominion of the world of Ethore, and establish diplomatic relations with other civilisations across the Material Plane and beyond.

Taelin Korr now enrolls in Quintus, one of the Arcanum's nine Colleges, and opens his eyes to new heights of magic. Though he may still be a fledgling student of little talent, through his years of study in the Arcanum, his name shall one day have its place alongside the greatest mages of legend.

- - -

This is a slow story that explores the life of a student in magical university.

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