High Skies Piracy

A rough diamond, worth the read!

It's like borderlands but driving a science/magic pirate ship! Albeit few grammar issues which could easily be fixed later on as the Author familiarizes themselves better with tenses, it is very easily legible and easy on the eyes with the text format unlike some word blobs I've seen in my time.

The overall story is very interesting with a world I can't wait to know more about, between the technology of the ships themselves, the society that makes them possible and the vastly interesting kinds of different characters atop them.

As for the characters themselves, between the, at first, rather average Protagonist... on his journey through a strange new world and cast, fresh characters like Torch and more keep you entertained as the Protag himself grows alongside them.

Whilst as a combat buff myself, the action could use some more spicing up in my personal opinion, but keeping it unbiased? It's well written and scripted with abundant fantasy elements to keep most readers jittering to continue.

This story is very much the "Putting base fantasy completely aside" sort, bringing enjoyment for both new readers of the genre and old with fresh ideas and creations by the Author whilst not going into too much detail too quickly, keeping you curious and guessing on what the actual f just happened.

If I had advice to give to the Author, is go through the early chapters and check on some rather jarring mistakes in the past to present tense. such as;

' They panicked as their clothes caught fire, bumping into one another and screaming as they patted themselves down.

Torch rose to his feet.'

The second sentence's start can feel like a hiccup, personally I would go for; Torch as he rose to his feet, "XxXx" he began digging into his coat before producing-

Like that it flows a bit better, other than some more of these scattered about the early chapters, good show sir! or madam! I don't know! :D