1. Re: Review swaps!

      Oohhh, always up for a fantasy pirate story! My book is the 3nd in the series so some characters you wont recognise but the story itself doesnt require reading the previous ones. Here's mine; (...)

    2. Re: Poll on what you'd reincarnate into

      A Ditto, yes, the pokemon.

    3. Re: The Dragon Within, Fantasy Action and Adventure through the vast world of Faetera!

      Fiction Link; Genres; Main: Original Story, Action, Adventure, Fantasy Sub Genres: Tragedy, Anti-Hero Lead, Magic, Male Lead, Reincarnation(No, (...)

    4. Conquerors Of The Delve [VR LitRPG] , [Fantasy] , [Action] , [Psychological]

      Fiction page: Synopsis;  28-year-old Lucian was a smart and hard-worker, having put aside enough money since joining a family friend's (...)

    5. RE: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      < ;

    6. RE: Book Covers (photo manipulation gallery

      Pretty impressive. If you are really interested in putting your work out there, I would suggest offering your works for sale. Maybe you could put your works up on for (...)

    7. RE: How to Join Us

      Hey I'm SlyOkami but I go as just Sly or DouchebagAuthorWholikesCliffHangers...second one if you know my readers :D I currently have several fictions, One that is finished; (...)

    8. Fiction publishing (Amazon Affiliation question)

      As someone who has never published their stories on sites such as amazon, I am curious as to what the base requirements are. I'd guess grammar and sufficient interest in the story, but what do I know? (...)

    9. RE: Book Covers (photo manipulation gallery

      Found your post while looking for the correct size to edit my online generated cover xD Unsure if you're still available or if you'll see this at all...I've just started a new story after finishing (...)

    10. RE: Do you have excellent grammar? Do you want a Facebook feature?

      I wish to apply my newer fiction An unconventional adventurer for the feature please! It is well above fifty thousand words as well as having excellent grammar as far as I'm told. It is not a complete (...)