1. Re: Writers and Dungeon Masters of Royal Road, do you ever use the world you've built in your campaigns?

      To your main question... No, I haven't. However, my current main web serial (which I work on for a few years and then leave for a few more years) is based on an indie Tabletop RPG I was designing for (...)

    2. Re: What program do you write in?

      When I first started working on a web serial, my work was strewn about a lot of nested folders filled to the brim with Wordpad files or Photoshop maps/images. I started on an old ASUS EEE Netbook, which (...)

    3. RE: lf> mature novels

      Hi Ichigo, I'll keep my eye out for some and mention them if I find any more. I'm honestly looking for the same kind of thing on here, lol. I know some people here will chime in soon enough to help (...)

    4. RE: A Review Swap. All details included.

      @Typist kid, Thank you so much for the awesome review and for posting up some edits in the comments. You got to it way faster than I expected, lol. You not only slayed procrastination, I think you crit'ed (...)

    5. RE: A Review Swap. All details included.

      Hi Typist Kid, I'm interested in taking you up on the offer. I've seen you a few times on WFG. I agree with all the points you've mentioned above, especially the procrastination one. ^_^ If you're interested, (...)

    6. RE: Bittersweet stories.

      Hi thyth, The stories you've mentioned that you enjoyed in the past seem to be more TradLit Web Serials rather than the usual LitRPG that are more popular on RRL. Are you aiming more for TradLit or (...)

    7. RE: Stories With Heavy Manipulation?

      Hi Tanaka, I don't want to get too far into this. Stizzy has their own reasons for their comment. You brought up some good points though. As far as 'liberal-ness'... All I can say is that I'm Canadian. (...)

    8. RE: Stories With Heavy Manipulation?

      Thanks Stizzy. @Tanaka. The tongue-in-cheek response might be something like... The same reason I got accused of practicing witchcraft for reading Harry Potter back in school. Or, accused of being a goth (...)

    9. RE: Stories With Heavy Manipulation?

      Hi Stizzy, That's awesome that you got to study Ender's Game in an academic context, Orson Scott Card is pretty awesome with his contributions to science fiction. Is there a particular kind of manipulation (...)

    10. RE: Normalish Male Lead / Strong Female Lead

      Hi raphitheone, I'll see if my story can fit the bill for you. 1) I have a non-op male lead who must struggle to reach his objective. He relies on strategy and a bit of teamwork (later on in the story). (...)

    11. RE: Searching for this type of stories

      Hi Makata, I'll try to match up with the topics you've mentioned you're looking for in a story... 1a) A world where everyone has their own unique superpower... I don't have a world where -everyone- has (...)

    12. RE: I'll trade reviews with you!

      God_is_Good, Thank you so much for the amazing and gracious review of my story. It really means a lot that you gave it a read and found it worthwhile. I hope there wasn't anything objectionable in it (...)

    13. RE: I'll trade reviews with you!

      Hi God_is_Good, I'd be interested in trading reviews if you have time in the future. I've bookmarked your story for later reading and should be able to get to it in the next week or so. I've read your (...)

    14. RE: I dont understand the rankings

      Method, the First:  - Go to Main Page of RRL, click on "Read" and then click on "Popular This Week." - Go to bottom of page, and select the page you want to go to.  * The less well-known stories will be (...)

    15. RE: Volunteering for reviews

      Hi Maestro FuzzyGuy, I'd really appreciate your help as well. You mentioned looking into plot-holes and the like. Any reviews, comments or input would be awesome if you have time. You're probably swamped (...)

    16. RE: I Will Give You a Nice Review

      You've been inundated with far superior stories, but if you're still open to new stories and have some time later on, I have one on here as well: the Vorrgistadt Saga. I'd really appreciate if you check (...)

    17. RE: Forgot title but pretty sure it was about an apocalypse

      It's entirely possible that you mean a completely different story, but reading your description of what you're looking for... Could the story you're mentioning be, No Respawn by jmlikestorock009? (...)

    18. RE: Some fantasy? Looking for some fantasy!

      I could shill out for my fiction on here: The Vorrgistadt Saga. It's TradFic rather than LitRPG. Somewhat similar at least in some tone to Arcane Emperor with detailed magic and magical lineages. Right (...)

    19. RE: post apocalypse survival

      I'm not too familiar with Change: New World, but a reader recommended my story along with it a few months ago. You could try out The Vorrgistadt Saga. It's post-apocalypse with survival elements. It (...)

    20. RE: Is a difference of opinion a good enough reason to give bad reviews?

      You bring up a very thought-provoking topic, batotit. Thank you. A quick answer to the question that you have at the start... Although everyone in the world is pretty much free to do as they please (...)