The Iron Forge

This story's narration is different in the best way possible. It's theatrical, it's old school fantasy, it's stunning! Reading this, I felt like one of the children that were gathered around the old man, listening to his story. And I was just as excited to listen to the rest of it.

Another review said that it reads like a dnd campaign and I think this is a great, concise way to describe it.

Story: 5/5. Although it's still early on, the way the story unfolds before your eyes is great and demands that you give it all of your attention. Perfect score 

Style: 5/5. There are a few minor issues where the tense changes from past to present and back to past later on, but it did not mess with the immersion so I don't think I have a reason to deduct any points from this.

Grammar: 5/5 no real issues. The few that had slipped from the author were caught by the readers and fixed later on, so, everything's great 

Characters: 5/5. They are just a handful so far, but they are all unique and have depth, which makes the reader interested in their backstories. Especially the outsider's.

Overall, it's a great story that I would happily sit down and enjoy under a blanket, next to the fireplace 

Dual Class

Great LitRPG Isekai with strong anime vibes

I had seen Dual Class on Rising Stars before reading it, so I knew it would be good. And yet I was still pleasantly surprised by how good of a job the author did on this one


Story: 5/5 it really feels like someone watched a popular anime and decided to take it and turn it into a book. The protagonist seems like the sleezy, smart MC that is really fun to read about. He is thrown suddenly into an unknown world and has to rely on his game and anime knowledge to survive.

To my surprise, his first class is that of a mage, which already makes it unique from the get go.

The strong point of this book is the comedy in my opinion, with lots and great jokes sprinkled in throughout the story 

Style: 5/5 the author is well versed and knows how to write prose that flows like water and effortlessly immerses you into the story


Grammar: 5/5 no real issues, I did not notice anything worth deducting points for.


Characters: 5/5 another strong point of this book, which is shown from the get go with the interaction between the MC and the sadistic creation that is supposed to help him, as well as plenty of characters that are shown for a second and are sure to be important in the future.


Overall, a great story I would highly recommend. It deserves its position in rising stars and I expect it to climb much higher than it already has 

Horizon of War: An Isekai with Historical Twist

Horizon of war is a unique approach to to the usual Isekai genre/trope, mixing it with the "historical" genre and doing an exceptional job at it. The author has clearly done a lot of research on the medieval era and is able to showcase it beautifully with their descriptions throughout the story.

The story follows Lansius, a boy that lived in the modern era, got somehow Isekai'd to a medieval world, where he gets to work on the fields until he gets the chance to live a more exciting life due to his ability to... do math 


Style: 5/5 The story flows smoothly, the descriptions are great and the word choice is really good. Mostly simple with a few different, more evocative words sprinkled in.


Story: 5/5 It's a really nice story so far, more on the slice of life side where the inciting incident happens in a really unique way that I have honestly never seen before. Great job!


Grammar: 5/5 no real glaring issues, nothing worth deducting points for


Characters: 5/5 a lot of different characters that have their own unique personalities and tendencies that keep the story fun and nice to read.


Overall, it's a great story I would definitely recommend!

Minute Mage: A Time-Traveling LitRPG

Craving a LitRPG? This Will Do the (Time) Trick

I had seen Minute Mage on the front page of Rising Stars a few times before I actually sat down to read it and boy, would I want to travel back in time and read it sooner.

Time (and the same applies to space) manipulation is a power that is rarely ever used because it is often so overpowered and it is hard to balance it and make a great story out of it. It is a risk. One that has clearly paid off.


Minute Mage's start is really strong, with a great fight, with high stakes and a nice way to introduce time magic. The rest of the chapter is used to give the reader bits and pieces of information that promise a great story up ahead.

The third chapter was more comedic, less action-y, but equally enjoyable. It slightly reminded me of one of my favorite books, the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"


The prose is good and easy to follow as it flows smoothly without getting clanky. There aren't many big, flashy words but I don't feel like there is a need for them in the first place, it still reads great and the scenes are really easy to imagine.


The characters are not developed that much yet this far in the story, but from the few glimpses we got from the trainers in the first chapter and the demons in the third, I can safely say that the author knows how to write unique characters full of personality.


Overall, it was a nice, enjoyable read, with a unique type of magic and I am looking forward to finding out how things unfold. 5/5, I would highly recommend.

The Mook Maker

Slice of Life, Except Deranged

Have you ever watched/read a slice of life where an adult suddenly adopts a child and the adult tries to keep the child from breaking everything around the house and they slowly learn to live with each other?

This story is this except instead of a child we have numerous fox and werewolf spirits and instead of breaking things, we have carnage, blood, pyromania, and death.


Style: 5/5 the author knows how to tell a story and express themselves in a way that is simple and keeps you reading

Story: 5/5 Not much shown so far in terms of plot, but there is big fight after big fight, which is always cool, especially with a cool concept like the spirits in this story, and there are a few hidden bits and pieces that show there are interesting things coming up

Grammar: 5/5 No issues, everything was pretty good, no reason to cut any points

Characters: 5/5 The few characters that are in the story so far are well written and they are fun to read, especially when the smaller spirits go "Master! Master!" and drive the MC crazy


Overall, it's a great story, a unique approach and something I would definitely recommend

Tarnished Survivor - OLD

Great Execution on a Grimdark World

In this story, we dive head first into a world that is far from ideal, which can be seen even from the very start of the very first scene, where White's mother seems to use some "unique tactics" to get some discounts.

This gets reinforced even further when we see that this world works like the old days, where men were supposed to be the fighters and women existed to cook, clean and give birth.

White wants to escape her situation and the destination it would inevitably lead to and decides to learn magic and become an adventurer instead.

P.S. someone, please get rid of this baron already.


Style: 5/5. Good prose, great sentence structure, evocative word choices. Perfect score.

Story: 5/5. The author has already given hints about lots of different people, places, and magic regarding this world, which makes you want to keep reading, keep learning more and more. So much potential!

Grammar: 5/5 No real issues here. If there are any issues, they are not significant enough to remove any points.

Characters: 5/5 I think this is the first story I've read here so far that introduces so many characters early on and manages to do such a great job at it. Every character is distinct, they have their own personalities, you can visualize all of them and you never get lost or wonder what is going on while reading. You can feel in the text who is who. Very impressive!


Overall, it's a story where I can easily read page after page after page and can't wait to see where all this potential leads

Conquest Saga [VRMMO, Monster, Dystopian, GameLit]

...and words can't hurt them!

The story starts with the MC, a lawyer, getting into a VR game along with a good friend of his. Unfortunately for him, he has to go from fighting with words in court to fighting with spears and swords in the game. He is having some--a lot of--trouble at first, but he is slowly gaining confidence and becoming able to stand on his own two feet

Style: 5/5. The author knows how to create sentences that flow smoothly and are pleasant to read. The imagery is vivid when reading the story. The prose is not overly complex, it has just the right amount of complex/different/purple words that make you appreciate the skill

Story: 5/5 Although there haven't been a lot of things mentioned regarding the plot yet, the author makes sure to leave bits and pieces here and there that makes you eager to see what is to come

Grammar: 5/5 No real issues here. Clean, smooth, nice.

Characters: 5/5 There is not too much interaction between characters so far, and yet you can still feel the difference in their personalities and you can feel their emotions. Also, both the MC and his friend add their own humor bits to the story wich is a nice breath of fresh air


overall, it seems like a great story that has lots of potential. Would definitely recommend.

Elf Empire [An Isekai kingdom building story]

I started by reading the description and thought there would be some nice comedy in it. Checked the tags and saw that "comedy" is not one of them. Maybe I was wrong.

Then, upon reading the first few sentences, I realized I was right.


Of course, comedy is not the main genre, but there were several parts that tickled my funny bone.


The story starts great, with Leo, your workaholic next door working in the dead of the night towards something big. That's when we learn his story and, honestly, it's interesting enough by itself that I would read a book about it.

But he gets Isekai'd. And he does so in one of the most unique ways I've seen resulting in an interesting scene showing both realms


After that, we slowly learn about the new world and Leo's new abilities and lack thereof.

We also get a glimpse of what seems like a really detailed and amazingly well thought out magic system and the author seems to have paid attention to the last detail and health point.


Style: very good, much better than average, made it easy and pleasant to keep reading. Very good descriptions to the point I was thinking I would love to be able to describe things that good.


Story: not much shown yet, but after putting so much effort for the MC's backstory, I'm expecting great things.


Grammar: did not find any issues whatsoever


Character: the MC is quite amusing and every other character introduced has their own unique personality. Please keep the intellectual mob in the book!


A great story I would definitely recommend. Now, excuse me, I have to go read the rest of the chapters 

Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): S1 The Great Escape

Especially the first chapter. It gave me big "novella noir" vibes.

This is one of the better reads I have found here. It has an interesting plot with the inciting incident happening nice and early, good pacing and doesn't introduce ten billion characters in one chapter.

In this story, we follow Jack who, together with an angel, is trying to find a human who is probably the most cracked out being in history, since he is known as "the Smiling man", because he has to pay for some less than pleasant stuff he did. And while at it, Jack may potentially be able to help his sick sister, Jill. Yes, they are Jack and Jill. No, it does not have anything to do with the horrible Adam Sandler movie 


Style: the style is good. Simple but not overly simplistic and has its jabs of fancy words. Prose flows smoothly and does not feel clanky 


Story: although it's still early on, the story has already gotten interesting and shows a lot of potential


Grammar: no issues here, it was pretty pog


Characters: so far there are a handful distinct characters that have great interactions with each other. Some more wholesome, some more fun.


Overall, it's a great story. Glad I didn't duck and dodge this one 


Great Approach on a GameLit Story

I'm reviewing at this point to not be late for the review but I'm going to keep reading this story


This is a story that you can tell it has lots of depth in it. We follow the MC as she gets back into a VR game she hadn't played for a long time because she was getting too attached to her character.

From there we dive deep into a vast world full of exciting stuff waiting for you to explore them.

There are empires with evil overlords, there are monasteries that raise mercenaries, there are all sorts of people with all sorts of classes and I'm excited to learn more about all of them!


The story does a great job at pointing out that there's something coming, something's off with the Enpisis (NPCs) that almost feel like real humans. Who knows.


I particularly enjoyed Ayra's pov and would gladly read a story about her, so if she does get separated from the others, it would make for a great side story