Solo Beater [LitRPG Progression Dungeon-Crawl]

Solo Beater [LitRPG Progression (...)
258 pages

"Oppose me and die!"

These were the last words the group heard before being brutally murdered by Bastildon, the Demon King.

Jinden, the leader of the group, that led his dearest people to their inevitable deaths inside the dungeon was traumatized seeing his friends die right before his eyes. With his last breath he wished he could make things different.   

An error occurrying during the initialization of his reincarnation, made Jinden start over with faint memories of the traumatizing battle still stuck inside his head. His new life begins with one goal in mind. Avenge his friends that he held dearest and make the demon pay.

If epic fights, complex, multi-layered magic systems and mystical dungeons are your thing, you may enjoy this one 

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Food For Thaught (An Absurd Sci-Fi Time Travel Comedy)

Food For Thaught (An (...)
81 pages

Thaught, a jolly food aficionado, has her life flipped upside down when she gets hired to travel through time to stop not only criminals of the past, but also "the Constantines", an organization that wants to keep time constant!

Thankfully, she is not alone. She has the help of a talking ray gun, a robot made of tuna cans and a... caterpillar?

Join Thaught as she begins her journey with one thing in mind: taste-test every food there ever was 

In the near future, being a time-traveling agent is a real job, just like tiktokers and artists.

That is the job Thaught was hired for. Travel in time to stop past and future threats, but all she really cares about are all these delicious foods she will be able to try out in all those different eras.

Will she fight both crime and her urges? Or will she find herself diving face-first into a bowl of medieval stew? Join Thaught in her journey to find work-food balance

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Silver, Sand, and Silken Wings

Silver, Sand, and Silken (...)
by Angaramwrites
440 pages

In the opinion of the common storyteller, Sylph did not exist.

Frustrated and deceived by her mothers hiding the truth of her parentage, young dragoness Sylph heads out looking for answers along with a childhood friend, a young human alchemist. From the sky high walls of Carthia, through the winding, lively streets of Halfhill, her journey leads her all the way up north to the picturesque nightmare of snow where she hatched. And yet, the answers lie buried in the desert sand on the other side of the continent.

In a world of cruel slave traders and a ruthless, self-proclaimed queen, Sylph uncovers the answers she seeks and realizes her grave mistake of ever leaving home. A singular misstep in the hostile city means death, or worse, and the guards are hot on her haunches after blundering her way through the gates.

The draft for this work is finished. I am editing the chapters and putting them up. Updates every 14 days because I am tangled up in work. 

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Hellprinces (Salvos: A Monster Evolution LitRPG)

Hellprinces (Salvos: (...)
by MelasDelta
4.4k pages

Follow the evolution of a Demon girl as she learns to survive in a fantasy world!

The life of an Infant Demon is a bloody grind to the top. For Salvos, a curious newborn Demon with a penchant for making friends, surviving the swarms of wild Demons in the Netherworld was always going to be a difficult task. She will adapt, gain experience, and evolve to survive this hellish landscape with the help of her sole companion.

But when her companion's life is threatened by a mysterious Demon King, she'll have to do what it takes to save him. Even if it means separating from him and being tossed into an unfamiliar world with Humans, monsters, and a bright blue sky where she is scorned for being born a Demon.

However, the law of evolution is survival of the fittest, and no matter where she is, Salvos will survive.

Do note that it's a slow-paced but action-packed litrpg!

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