1. Re: I finished posting my first story!

      Congratulations on posting. Now you've just got to keep bringing out new chapters on a regular basis and you'll be good. Lol I finished posting the whole story, I don't have any more chapters to post. (...)

    2. Re: I finished posting my first story!

      some outstanding stats. That's something I've been thinking about, haven't been sure how well my story is doing. It isn't as popular as it is on Wattpad, but it's doing a lot better than scribblehub (...)

    3. I finished posting my first story!

      While I've written other stuff, and even put my work online on other sites before, this was easily my biggest project. Some stats: 53 chapters approx. 447 pages (if it were a paperback book) 123,341 (...)

    4. Re: How many chapters do you write in a volume?

      I'm not really sure what you mean here, and I'm going to assume that volume used here is used to refer to some kind of online story practice like in litrpgs rather than the more traditional meaning. (...)

    5. Re: ChatGPT

      Hi! New writer here. I've been using ChatGPT to structure my writing. It's free - at least for now. Anyone out there using it? I've been using it basically as a random name generator sort of thing, (...)

    6. Re: Having a certain voice for a character in a novel you read.

      Whenever you read a novel, do you often find yourself imagining a certain voice when a character talks? Example: This character is known to have qualities comparable to an honorable knight. So I would (...)

    7. Re: How badly would a cellphone ruin your story?

      I'm incredibly tired and having strange thoughts. If someone had a working cellphone at any point in your story, how badly would it screw everything up? Not at all - my story takes place in the (...)

    8. Re: Hi fellow readers and writers!

      Welcome to Royal Road! Hope your story gets some attention here!

    9. Re: To that one person who downvotes every review.

      Yeah, I'm not really sure what the aim of these kinds of people are. I mean, i kinda get it on stories I'm writing. I'm writing a furry story, something that is "cringe" and thus needs to be downvoted (...)

    10. Re: Weird metric that I just made up.

      The metric that I try to keep on sites like RR is a high followers to people I follow ratio. I see pages where they follow way more people than follow them. I don't really judge as it can just mean you (...)

    11. Re: Favorites and influences

      It depends on the genre. For science fiction, I've been primarily influenced by the works of Michael Crichton and Orson Scott Card, with a scattering of some others. For fantasy though it gets a lot more (...)

    12. Re: Is too much dialogue a bad thing?

      Thanks alot for the advice it was very helpful ლ⁠(⁠◕⁠ω⁠◕⁠ლ⁠) also pls do you know where I can find people to read my chapters? Even though I ask my friends they don't really read it.  Finding people (...)

    13. Re: Is too much dialogue a bad thing?

      I've been writing for a while now and I realise something. When I compare my writing to the books I've read I tend to write more dialogue.  And I was wondering if it's a bad things and makes the story (...)

    14. Re: Hello!

      I'm Catching Shadows, (or OtherCat/OC, or very occasionally Rena). I am a reader and writer with a preference for fantasy and sf. I have been blogging since roughly 2002, and I have mostly written fan (...)

    15. Re: Hi royalroad, new writer introducing myself

      Hi guys. I have been a lurker here for some time and I decided to join the dark side. I have recently started writing my first novel. I have been pretty good at imagination. I wanted to get better at (...)

    16. Re: Some of the art from my webnovel

      Nice artwork! The only thing that I might change is the background, which looks a little flat. Even just adding a slight gradient behind them, showing the light coming off of this magic would look really (...)

    17. Re: New writer happy to be here!

      The story I'm working on now is, so far, my only attempt at writing anything long-form, so it's been a bit of an adventure. Yeah, making the jump to writing novella and novel length stories can be (...)

    18. Re: Is it okay for the narrator to reveal a side characters name later?

      Hmm, tricky question. I see where the question about this may arise - the narrator has the knowledge of all the characters, and so excluding their name in the first chapter and then revealing it in the (...)

    19. Re: Tips for new reader!

      I'm writing a sci fi (traditional structure non lit-rpg) but if you aren't into furry stuff it may not be your cup of tea. I do hope it doesn't veer into cringy territory as the purpose of this was to (...)

    20. My fiction reached a thousand views!

      I was expecting that I'd get here, as my story has done well on other platforms and I have a consistent upload schedule, but I wasn't expecting it this soon! Thanks to the people reading my story. Wish (...)