1. Re: Looking for Kingdom building

      You are try Heather, the Necromancer but it's more base-building than Kingdom Building.

    2. Re: Fan fiction with foreknowledge?

      There's Pokémon Emissary Among Worlds

    3. Re: searching for a modern Litrpg

      The Level-Up series by Dan Sugralinov. (...)

    4. Re: One big work of fiction or multiple smaller works?

      Based on my personal experience, readers on RRL want everything on one thread. I wrote 'The Dungeon Hive' which is a trilogy and I split them up in 3 on RRL. The first volume had great views, so good that (...)

    5. Re: Looking for book cover

      Take a look at and They have a large range of pre-made book covers for sale. Good luck!  

    6. Re: Physical Martial Arts with Techniques

      You can look at The Knockout (Level Up Side Story). There's a system but the fights are more grounded as the story is about a guy aiming to be a MMA star. (...)

    7. Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

      I have 4 stories on RRL and the latest one is titled 'The Suit-Maker'. Please take a look. Thanks

    8. Re: Weird creepy art stuff

      Not bad. Do you have an account on or

    9. Re: free novel covers

      Not bad. Do you have an account on or

    10. Re: No romance with smart mc

      Modern with no romance is a hard combo but you can check out Cultivation Chat Group and No.1 Dungeon Supplier on  Warning; both the MC are smart and a little shamless but they are not (...)

    11. Re: Random advice for people working on putting their story on amazon?

      I would advise to make sure your editing, formatting and book cover are done well before releasing it. There are several freelance editors and book cover designers out there. You can also go to sites like (...)

    12. Re: Published RRL Authors

        Dungeon Flames: #2 of The Dungeon Hive Trilogy is now available on Amazon. Please get it here Thanks

    13. Re: The Dungeon Hive- Volume 3

      This is it; the last and FINAL adventure of The Dungeon Hive. The Dungeon Hive- Volume 3 :

    14. Re: How to change cover?

      Got it. Thanks!

    15. Re: How to change cover?

      I recently decided to make some changes to the cover of one of my story but couldn't find a way to replace it. I also can't find a way to delete my current cover so that I can load my new one. Anyone can (...)

    16. RE: I Was Thinking About How Often Luke Loses In The original Star Wars Trilogy...

      The Force Awakens was nothing but a remake of A New Hope. I hated that movie. The Last Jedi was better but not by much. I thought Leia should have died when the bridge blew up but I can see why they want (...)

    17. RE: Book Covers (photo manipulation gallery

      Pretty impressive. If you are really interested in putting your work out there, I would suggest offering your works for sale. Maybe you could put your works up on for example. (...)

    18. RE: Book Publishing

      Necamijat is correct. AS long as you are NOT on Kindle Select, you can post your full story anywhere you want. Some writers, including me, kept our full story or draft on RRL even after publishing our (...)

    19. RE: What stories did you love reading but are now discontinued or just on extreme hiatus

      The Causal Dungeon- looks very good but the writer dropped it to write another story. Then he dropped that story as well. 6 months since the last update.

    20. RE: Newbie with a completed Novel- what to do?

      Whatever you do, do not throw everything out in one shot. There are many new stories on RRL and if you do that, your story will just get swamped by the newer stuff. Good luck!