High Skies Piracy

Yo ho, yo ho, A Pirate's Life For Me

Who in the world does not love pirates, throw in some magic and you got yourself one hell of a story. High Skies Piracy is a story that is well worth the read. The pacing is great, awesome fight scenes and let's not forget FLYING SHIPS. So far this story has not let me down and just seems to get better as I read it. Like always I'm not an expert when it comes to doing reviews, but I do know what I like and this I like and I think my fellow royal road reader would like it too.



So far this story had been really enjoyable. I love Nannade as an MC, and the overall feel of this story has been great. It's written well, with little or no grammar errors. With the little bit of reading I have done so far, I could say that Nannade is probably one of my favorite female leads. I going to continue to read this webnovel and enjoy every bit of Nannade's journey.



It's a pretty solid story. Now I'm not the best when it comes to breaking down whats makes a story good, but all I can say is that I like this one. The world budling is great, Viers, our MC is a likable guy and the storytelling is good. The only weak point is that the grammar is iffy at times, but the author is fixing that from what I can tell. Overall this is a very good story, with an interesting plot, that you guys should check out.


I love how this story starts, and the prologue is one of the best I have read in a long time. At the time of writing this, there is only 4 chapter, and so far, the story has been great, and if the author can keep the same quality, this story is going to be amazing. I suggest you guys giving this story a shot.

Adventures of the Goldthirst Company

I Ain't Saying They Some Gold Digger, But They Ain't Messing With No Broke

When a gang of misfits, groups together unexpected hilarious comedy will ensue. I don't know how to say how much I enjoy this, it one of the funniest novels I read on RR so far and the story just keeps getting better with each chapter. This is a must-read, get in before the story blows up.


ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

I have seen the author chatting a lot in Discord so I decide to check out his story and man was it a surprise. it's witty, funny and well written. I not really into cyberpunk type story, but this story got me hooked. If you are on the fence about this one, go and head and jump it, it's worth the read.