1. Re: Free Reviews

      I would appreciate it if you take a look at my novel.

    2. Re: Amateur cover artist looking for victims

      Name of book: Diverge Summoning Author: Sleeplessbanter  Desired cover style: semirealism Genre: fantasy,romance, Adventure Imagery: medieval fantasy magic  Tone of book: comedic, Complex,  Character(s): (...)

    3. Re: Some more review trading

      Are you still up for a swap, if so I'm down. I'm going to start reading your story now.

    4. Re: Review swaps!

      Are you still doing swaps if so i'm down.

    5. Re: Review swap covering ~15k words

      I'm down for a swap, but I have more than 15k, words so just read 15k from my story too.

    6. Re: Review Swaps

      I’m down for a review swap, i have yours done by today or Monday.  Here’s mines 

    7. Re: Nimbus reviewing services.

      I hope you get your phone back soon, check out my story when you get back up and running. 

    8. Re: How do you decide MC's personality?

      One trait I like about myself, one trait I dislike about myself and three random traits and voila a personality.

    9. My first novel, Diverge Summoning

      Hello Folks of RR, today I just want to share my first novel, that I have be working on for a while. I really enjoy writing this story, it reminds me of days when I spent days just me and my pencil an (...)

    10. RE: Let me review your story, no need to review swap

      Hi, If you could review my story  DIVERGE SUMMONING I would appreciate very much it.

    11. RE: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Do mines too please! I'm back off hiatus.

    12. RE: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Do mines too please!