1. Re: Ideas For Novels

      Here's three free ideas cuz I have way too many: A grim-dark sci-fantasy story where the MC is in one of the last communities of humans in the world. (Ie, where magical stuff exists, but science and (...)

    2. Re: starting a conversation

      Depends on various things like: the character's personalities and their speech patterns, the tone and topic of the conversation before and during the conversation, the location of the conversation, the (...)

    3. RE: Penguins

      That's prolly the point so that everyone doesn't make penguins and basically screw over the point of the easter egg hunt.

    4. RE: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

      For sake of keeping track, I'll post here on my updates in order of fiction starting. Will add fictions when they're done (if I finish them and remember to do so...) (Note, starting wordcount will be (...)

    5. RE: How does a novel get more popular?

      'How does a novel get more popular?' Shamelessness, Luck and have a good enough story to get people to talk about you, then rince and repeat. I'm not popular, but that's my guess.

    6. RE: Active only rankings

      What's your rank? Because, if its low enough, the best thing to do is scroll to it. If this takes too long, pester someone else to do it.

    7. RE: Are there any Novels with game elemets and a sword that can level

      Well, on NU there's a novel literally called 'I was a sword when I reincarnated', not sure on rrl.

    8. RE: WriTE Halloween Contest

      There's a link at the end of each submission, click it and fill out the form. That's all.

    9. RE: WriTE Halloween Contest

      +bump Judging has come! Become the most horrifying part of the contest and read then judge the entries of the WriTE Halloween Contest! The only one(s) with the power to choose is(/are) YOU! https://royalroadl.com/fiction/14527/write-halloween-contest (...)

    10. RE: What is the meaning of life?

      I know how cheesy and naive it sounds... But to me it is to Love. After all a Meaning in Life has certain Requirements: 1. Assume it is achievable. 2. Something you can do or work towards at any point (...)

    11. RE: How to table

      Well, you can use the table option, which is on the toolbar between text colour and spoiler. Or you could use the fancier, overly complicated and tedious code method. Example: (Insert text here) (Insert (...)

    12. RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3 - Endgame III

      By the way, fun game Fire, thanks for hosting it. I also have an idea, though to call it a ricochet game might not be completely accurate. If enough people want it, I could actually start work on it (...)

    13. RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3 - Final Boss III [DL: 8PM EST @ 11/15]

      Sorry, last minute change back to using Color Loyalty. I can't save Claymore, but we could kill her before she kills him.

    14. RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3 - Final Boss III [DL: 8PM EST @ 11/15]

      I see a problem here for Claymore specifically. He's in the position where Real could change her color to blue, and still one-shot him and suffer half the damage from this attack. So if this attack fails, (...)

    15. RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3 - Final Boss III [DL: 8PM EST @ 11/15]

      Sorry, missed a turn III's announcement. Hopefully you still see this and it counts. Also thought the deadline was yesterday, hence the panic. Card: Card loyalty. Color: Blue Action: Shoot Real

    16. RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3 - Final Boss II [DL: 12PM EST @ 11/14]

      Lol, that was fun. Dw, I'll do something more selfless this turn. Action: Shoot Real. Card: Shared demise on Real. Color: Red. Also, fire. What are the ethics on using the same cards multiple times? (...)

    17. RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3 - Final Boss I [DL: 6PM EST @ 11/12]

      Well I've said my actions already, but for the sake of finalizing things, here's a repeat. Action: Shoot Self. Card: {I'll face myself} Color: yellow.

    18. RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3: Color Crafters - Endgame I

      Well, since you guys are telling your move, might as well say mine. Card use: {I'll face myself} Color: Yellow. Action: Shoot self.

    19. RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3: Color Crafters - Turn 9-B?

      Ash, although with bs luck, still won. So I don't feel sour with going for option 2. Hell, at least we get another chance at life.