1. Re: What fictional object or item would you want in real life?

      I want the Star Trek replicator.  MOVE OVER BITCHES, I'M ENDING WORLD HUNGER.  https://media.tenor.com/mpKqLPAr9lAAAAAC/boom.gif

    2. Re: Does the ending make the story?

      A poor ending can absolutely ruin a story.  Anybody remember the TV show Lost? It was the talk of the town for a long time there. It was everywhere. Then it dropped off the face of the earth, poof, (...)

    3. Re: Buried Treasures and Hidden Gems

      The Silver Curse by Wandering Brain Spasm. The story follows Rasp, a spunky human serving out his time in a decidedly sleepy village amongst 'pacifistic' fauns. Banished from his home in Iron Ridge and (...)

    4. Re: Hi, I'm trying to work out if this is the right place to share my novels.

      Hey there C. T.! As others have said, the name of the game here is predominately litRPG. I haven't written that either (my focus tends to be Fantasy and Science Fiction,) but I've been considering whether (...)

    5. Re: Do similarities in writing freak you out?

      Writing is by its very nature derivative. There's nothing wrong with certain tropes and even the skeletons of scenes to be similar. It's to be expected, especially for people writing within the same niche (...)

    6. Re: What's your main goal when writing?

      Self-improvement. You'll never get better if you don't put the work in, and that counts for every skill, writing included. The only way to improve is to practice. 

    7. Re: Authors should stop writing System-based novels.

      The moment that the masses stop reading new system fics is the moment people will stop writing them Have people stopped reading them yet? This. People write to market. Folks try to be all high and (...)

    8. Re: Zuckerberg Killed Facebook, Elon Killed Twitter…So Where Do I Advertise?

      I will say that in my brief foray with TikTok, I actually did see a lot of people advertising their books. There's a pretty big caveat though: almost all of the books 'blowing up' on that app were romance (...)

    9. Re: Do You Think a Female Protagonist Helps or Hinders a Story?

      In my experience, it's more about the character being well-written than it is about their gender. My favorite Urban Fantasy series features a male lead, and that didn't hinder my enjoyment at all. I can't (...)

    10. Re: Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

      It's not nearly as simple as either or. It's 'choose the route that works best for you.'  Yes, it's extremely difficult to get into a traditional publishing house. Or at least the barrier to entry is (...)

    11. Re: Is AI Right?

      I have such a complicated view of this issue.  On the one hand, I don't believe AI will simply replace human artistry. Maybe I'm na├»ve, but art is such a human experience that I don't see a series of (...)

    12. Re: 500 Followers! Hooray!

      Couldn't be more deserved. Here's to 500 more, friend! https://i.gifer.com/SgWe.gif

    13. Re: Do any of your characters face stereotypes that necessary don't apply to them?

      My opinion on this is that you can do whatever you want - especially to mythology, as people have been doing ancient iterations of 'fanfiction' about it since the dawn of storytelling - but you have to (...)

    14. Re: Is Anyone Else Obsessing Over Other People's Unpopular Stories?

      It's so unfortunate, but this phenomenon is bound to happen in any flooded market. I think for people who truly love reading, it's the poorly written works that rise to the top which are frustrating. I'm (...)

    15. Re: Let's Talk About That...That...That...Ooooh Yeah...Bow Chicka Wow Wow...

      I think it should stay the way things are. And that's coming from someone who's writing a story that contains at least a decent amount of romance, so I'm being pretty objective. The reason is that because (...)

    16. Re: What Would You Do?

      Plagiarism is one thing, but I really wouldn't call this that. For one, it's fanfiction: neither of you can publish it without presumably radical changes, so there isn't any money to be made or 'stolen' (...)

    17. Re: The Unpopular Views

      Some may call it an unpopular opinion, but I say it is an objective truth: strawberries are disgusting. https://media.tenor.com/m1Gbw-b7pGEAAAAC/shocked-how-dare-you.gif

    18. Re: New writer here

      I think the answer to this varies depending on what it is you're after. If you're wanting to monetize - aka draw in people to a Patreon - I'd pick one of the popular genres on this site. Namely some (...)

    19. Re: Why Hate Descriptions?

      It's about balance, mostly. I caveat that different people like different things. Yes, a lot of novels these days chop-chop-chop it up to maintain a fast pace, and that's valid. It's a swift way to (...)

    20. Re: Are you satisfied with the way in which you write

      First attempt is often me putting my thoughts together. Second is me forming those thoughts more cohesively, and in a more engaging way. This isn't always true of course - some days I'm really on the ball (...)