The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World

I don't like being ordered around and he tried to tell me to not review it until the 3rd volume. I'm not a complete monster though so I won't give it a half star rating so until I read it completely I'm giving it a 3 1/2.

Super Babes: A LitRPG Superhero Harem Adventure

Raph772 who wrote the review "unlikeable mc" what are you going on about I'm a new reader and while yes from the first 3 chapters yes he is fairly desperate it does not make a loser what are you on about? IN chapter 3 he literally risked his own life before he has any powers to save a woman and her drowning babies. It makes him the complete opposite of a loser.

13th  Soul- Book 1 The God Slayer

haaaa.... fuck this mc im so done.

Their has been absolutly no character develpoment at all in these 51 chapter and i have pointed this out before but finally I... give up. This mc is the most evil and uncaring person I have ever seen and their have been plenty of chances to have her grow as a character but no at this point her personality is akin to a clitche bully in an otome game. Their is ZERO reson why she should be liked by anyone and she wonders why people dont like her or a afraid of her? It because she's a massive bitch theirs no other way to put it. You make it seem like shes the victim because of shes an outcast but no! if I was a mob character in this story I would never in a million years be friends with her and its not because of her hair or her eyes or anything else its because she is a horrible person who does not deserve redemption or sympathy in anyway. The only reasons anyone talks to her is because they have to or their part of her crazy yandere family. Hell the dragon girl probably wouldn't want to deal with her if it wasn't for her deep sense of regret and her actually being a decent person.

And for all you "edgy" people out their jumping to her defence. SHE IS NOT NORMAL. Killing people without a second thought is the definition of crazy and a psychopath.

I have nothing against a evil main character but this author trys to play it off that the main character is the victim(What a joke). The people close to her act like shes the victim and not like what she really is, so forgive me with agreeing with the brother as he seems like the only sensible person in that family and god knows how they've ran the kingdom without it crashing and burning into mindless chaos by now

So I think i'm officially dropping this its just not my cup of tea.

Fantasial Apocalypse

The standard Op harem Mc with tons of girls with little to no personality

 I suffered through 71 chapters of this and it was halfway decent not remarkable but it goes through every sin that a harem novel usually goes through.

  1. Mc faces no challenges
  2. Girls have no personality
  3. Mc doesnt even seem to care about the girls
  4. Novel drowns on and on about how op he is even though he basically killed himself in his last world/parallel dimension because he wasn't strong enough.
  5. No mermorable characters. They just become paper fodder.
  6. No good main villian.Everything he comes across he beats easily
  7. Mc is an emotionless prick
  8. Mc is a hypocrite trying to be edgy and then fawn over female he meets.(some are even monsters that he would kill without a second thought if they were male)
  9. Everyone else can't even match him in power even though alot of being are supposed to be alot stronger than him and even if they are they are all female and are added to his harem.

Again the setting is not the worst out there it just the authors execution of the plot and characters was garbage.

Blooming Thorn in Another World

It was good until it became a hypocrite to its own ideals

I honestly loved the first arc of this book it was great and well put together it was only until you put the mc into more dangerous situations that you started ruining it. I stopped reading it after chapter 128 but from the progress of the story from that amount of time i doubt it changed. In the authors words he didn't want to make an op mc but have her friends be op instead and thats fine I can appreciate that but THE AUTHOR TOOK THAT CONCEPT WAY TOO FAR. Making every other person OP besides the mc is stupid. When I stopped reading is when two characters who had literally been in two chapters got a power up and became way more powerful than the mc. You are making the same mistakes stories with powerful mc's make but make it oh so much more infuriating. If you had kept the story more slice-of-life it would have word beautifully out for you but you tried to incoporate lots of action that the mc could not take part in by having the side characters battle. It honestly made it so that the side characters were more so the main character than the mc herself. Now I don't know if its changed in the recent chapters but unless someone messages me and tells me that the mc is no longer an underpowered wimp compared to every other side character or the tone of the story changed back to a slice-of-life, I wont be reading it.

Raider (A VRMMO Novel)

An interesting and solid start to a novel. Seems like from the first chapter he going to try his best even with a genre he hates. Which is harder than it looks. While yes he tends to go overboard with the harems the characters are always flushed out and explored so its not that big of a transgression. Though not perfect in character building he does his best given his typical chapter length and number of novels he has going on. SO all in all im not complaining.

Infected Life

A good story but not without some small flaws

When I was first readig this I was shocked at how high quality it was compared to other stories and I continue to have high hopes for it in the future.

My first praise is the plot; alot of authors on this site tend to just throw the main character into a new situation or most of the time quite litterally a whole new world but they don't have a fleshed out plot or its over used and clitche. This novel does not do that, while the start is more of a info dump but still well executed in setting up the pre-plot, its only from the second chapter onwards that you get the real problem and situation. and it should be that way you need at least one or two chapters to set up a story so the action doesn't seem rushed. However if I had any complaints it would be the tone of the first chapter do not match the following ones. chapter 1 is very bleak and hopless while the following chapters are more of a slice-of-life. I believe it should have had a much smoother transtition between tones. Characters are at a 50/50 for me while yes you have set them up with an excellente background and emotions they lack the real depth to convay those emotions in character. An example of what im talking about is while they do seem like real people their motivation is blurry, sure you could explain it by them having total devotion to a human. Lets me ask you this then what would happen if a more "complete" human showed up? Would most of them besides his mother show any loyalty or affection for him/her? From what I have understood the robots affection and love of him stems directly from the fact that he is a revived human and that they would not care about him nearly as much if he was a simple robot.

The Soul Princess

I just want to put this out there; I have not read your book yet. The idea seems great however, Your spelling is a big turn off. In just the summary I've spotted countless mistakes that I suggest you fix if you want readers to give your book a shot.

Changing World

This is my first time trying to semi-review something but here I go. You're writing isn't perfect and could use some work but that itself is good as it leaves you room to grow as an author and if you continue to improve it would make a great story.

Now for the problems: I have found three noteworthy problems most obvious is grammar and spelling. Sometimes what the characters are saying don't make sense  and just serve to confuse the reader. I recommend just re-reading over the chapter to catch those now spelling is even easier if you're finding you're self unsure as to how to spell a word just type it into google and spell check it.

Next is pacing you need to find a nice steady rhythm and keep at the pace with the occasional time skip when needed.

Last but not least, character depth, a big problem I've found with most stories is that they make characters flat and 2-D and don't add any personality to it and that can ruin a book. You're MC just takes everything at face value without any fear. Ex. Getting transported somewhere she's unfamiliar with she acts level headed. However when you do try to add emotion to her character it seems forced. Ex. Her guild yelling at her and she cries herself to sleep. Why did she go through something but have almost no visible effect on the story the following morning? Plus why was their no reaction when she just literally became a god?! I think it at least warrants a gasp or something.

Now don't get me wrong I love the story and hope you continue it because honestly I love the concept and the story, I just think you need a little nudge to help you improve