Soulshard: Willbender

Soulshard: Willbender
by pyrowind
321 pages

Real Fantasy Online. The flagship product for the latest generation neural-interface headset. Touting: "The Best NPC AIs", "Better than Life Realism" and "Total Immersion", RFO promises to be a virtual world like no other. But when the line between one's real self and one's digital identity becomes blurred, and the "Gods" have their own agenda, who is the player, and which is the game?


Marcus has played any number of VR games, beta-tested dangerous and unstable systems and lived to tell the tale. He even has a certain amount of fame and influence within...certain circles. He usually disdains the idea of pre-orders and their respective "perks" as blatent commerical exploitation, but this time the bonus is too tempting to pass up. The ability to craft your character's backstory and have it integrated into the game's lore is enough for him to sign up for the Early Access program. He isn't interested in being all-powerful. Frankly, he's been there and done that enough to be bored of the whole thing. Instead, he opts to make a character purely for the purpose of having fun. Things aren't quite what they seem however, and his "backstory" and character class have implications he never would have imagined.


Author Note: First time posting a story online, and I'd appreciate any feedback. Updates may be slow, as each "chapter" will likely be in the 10,000 word range and I tend to revise several times before being (tentatively) satisfied. If people seem to like this I'll try to establish a regular post schedule.

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What Is It Like To Be Eternal? (Completed)

What Is It Like To Be (...)
by CorpseDead
2.5k pages

Actual Word Count: 683 925 Words and 2487 pages.

Under edition. Chapter 36-44 must be edited. Read the red text below to learn more.


Have you ever thought about what is it like to be Eternal? What does being Eternal even mean? Maybe I can show you what it is that you are desiring. What lies at the center of the universe, when you reach the peak of strength and power? Can love reach that place too, or do you lose your feelings the stronger you get?

How long can you travel and hold onto yourself, before feeling that you are starting to fall apart, losing your mind to your strength? How long is your road? Your feelings? What's going to win over you? The Darkness and the Hate? The Love and the Light? Or maybe none? Follow me as I show you my colorful yet gray path to eternity.

My Discord server:

Special thanks to my editors. Azorath1234 (70-99th chapter), BlackStarLine and Kaentyr from the 100th chapter.

9th Chapter - Bonding Through the Night
38th Chapter - The Way of Cultivation is a Way of Life
54th Chapter - The Universe Is Ever Changing and Evolving
69th Chapter - Beyond the bond [Inheritance]
83rd Chapter - What I call Art!
88th Chapter - What Does It Take To Kill?
93rd Chapter - Chasing Rainbows [Loop?]
108th Chapter - The Fall of a Creator?
109th Chapter - A Family [Descendant]
119th Chapter - What Is It Like To Be Eternal?

Detailed reviews:

Both the Novel and the Cover picture are copyrighted. The Picture is a result of my commission.

Cover Art: Registered & Protected 

Novel: Registered & Protected 


P.S.: I'm also hosting my novel here and on Novel Updates Forum. Nowhere else for now!

EDIT: The novel is in rework. The original and the new ones are completely different. Where you see [Edited] it means that I'm done with editing the STORY! Whereas where you don't see it, it's in the old style. For now, I'm editing only the style. Once I'm done with every chapter, I'll run through it once again and correct possible grammatical mistakes. The style will be edited until the 45th chapter.

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New Life Online: Battle Against The Strongest

New Life Online: Battle (...)
by scythus
373 pages

Aries and his parents got involved in an accident, and he fell into a coma but his parents didn't survive. After three years, he awoke from it. New Life Online was introduced to him by his friends, almost as if it was calling out to his current situation. A new adventure together with his friends awaits! The main story for book one is about his adventure and meeting the strongest players of New Life Online in the Tournament. It may not appeal to everyone but I hope you at least check it out! Have fun!

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Under a Boundless Sky

Under a Boundless Sky
by RivertheRoyal
553 pages

If you were to ask someone what they thought of Revian Snow, they would say that she's small. Cute too. Doesn't talk much. Average grades, and hard to find in a crowd, though you'd think that someone with her looks would be more noticeable. She also plays the popular VRMMO's for some reason, but doesn't like to interact with others too much, even online. 

In short, she doesn't stand out too much. 

She likes it that way—After all, it's much easier to keep a secret when nobody's looking for one.


 If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon. It's a great help to me, and a very good motivation to do better, and more. 

I hope you continue to enjoy what I write! 


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Empyrean Blade Kira

Empyrean Blade Kira
by Arc Lumina
471 pages

A talented blademaster cut down in her prime will always bring sorrow.

For Takanashi Kira, the pride of the Takanashi Clan, her death went hand-in-hand with her clan’s complete annihilation. Despite obtaining revenge in her dying breaths, her heart was filled with regret at not being strong enough to save her loved ones.

When Kira awakens in a new world, she sees it as a second chance. Despite having retained her knowledge and skills from her past life, she soon learns, however, that weapon skill alone isn’t enough to survive in this world where supernatural techniques and fantastical beasts are commonplace.

Only by gaining a new kind of power can Kira hope to earn the redemption she seeks as she strives to protect herself and her clan from those who seek to destroy them.


Cover Art by @cheslyncharles

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Fort Geranium

Fort Geranium
by Eisblume
123 pages

'Europa Airgetlam'

Those are some of the names people have taken to calling me but it wasn't always like this. I used to lead a much simpler life as a florist but apparently fate didn't like that I was wasting my time. Cruelly was my life taken away from me and I found myself in another world with a different identity: Mariana Von Ulysses.

Another world, another life, it's all the same to me. The only reason I ever became a florist in the first place was because it was an easy opportunity for me to live comfortably. That's really all I ever wanted, to live 'comfortably', and perhaps I didn't have any grand ambitions of my own but what's wrong with that? However this new world is hellbent on not letting me have it my way. Wave after wave of problems, from monsters to national politics, it seeks to drive me towards the center of all these inane drivel.

If that wasn't bad enough, apparently humans are hated in this world, eh? I'm a human too... Fine, you want it your way world? If you push then I'll push back! I'll solve these problems the only way I know how: Flowers! Don't underestimate their poisonous attributes just because they have cute colors and girly patterns.

Orcs? Elves? Humans? Fairies? Dwarves? Dragons? Titans? Celestials? Ascendeds? Gods? 

To stand before me means that they have forfeited their lives. I shall show them all, the deadliness of plants... The slow and agonizing torture of poison and venom, swirling within your system as you writhe in excruciating pain. It burns you from the inside with no escape. The only release from this hell would be 'death'.

That is my power.

In the end, the world does not seem to want to leave me alone. Thus I've come to a conclusion: the only way to make myself truly comfortable in this world is a hostile take over! So let me demonstrate their powers to you; I'll let you taste the reason why they call me the 'Flower of Malice'.

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For Glory

For Glory
by LuckyTalltail
136 pages

Kara Winters is a Veteran who has lost the taste for life. Every day feels less like it did before and her visits to the Veterans Affairs Psych Ward are almost done, but today she has a new doctor who wants her to participate in a new Virtual Reality program made possible by a large donation by a big VR technology company called Titan.

Needless to say she accepted. What will Virtual Life hold for her that real life no longer does? Will Kara find purpose once again as she pushes forward for glory?

*This is a Female MC who doesn't fall over in love over every male or female she sees so if you were on the fence worried about that it is all good. No kinky shenanigans here either.

**This is my first fiction that others get to see. I've made the attempt several times before, but never really got far. Please excuse my grammar-I know I'm bad at it and will work to correct issues you may see. I also will work to keep each chapter 1500+ words as I hate reading shorter chapters.

***Currently in rewrite to fix grammar and fill plot better.

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Sing Crier

Sing Crier
by Wolfeite
497 pages

Virtual reality MMORPGs have become a cultural phenomenon; a cynical 14-year-old girl plays the most popular of them with two controllers, controlling two characters at once. She promptly commits a crime against humanity, dies, learns the meaning of life, and then is reincarnated as both of her characters, Sing and Crier. The following is an edgy adventure of survival, relationships, and growth into adulthood in a world where everything is trying to kill her.

This story is undergoing streamlining. Features such as Chapter Recaps and Reference Marks are also actively being added to earlier chapters. Be advised, your reading experience may be impacted.

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The Beginning, The End, And Everything In Between

The Beginning, The End, (...)
by Good Witch
165 pages


Emily was never very sane, the appropriate term would be 'intelligent psychopath', she just prefers mass murdering bitch. Emily beat a rabbits head in when she was 5, she spent her entire school life discreetly killing animals and humans alike, and went to university to get a psychology degree as a general 'fuck you' to the world.

She graduated university and went off the grid for a year killing over 1000 people and labelled as one of the worlds most dangerous psychopaths. But all good things must come to an end, the police figured out her identity and Emily was reduced to waiting in alleys for unfortunate passerbys.

But while in the middle of torturing some fuckhead who thought he was smart by trying to hit on her she was summoned by God, which isn't exactly the dream for Emily. He tells her that he will grant her 5 powers and send her to a new world to cause chaos, a world that Emily read about in books, a world that Emily could really ruin.

Hi, this is my first novel because writing looks fun and I tend to be incredibly bored a lot. I don't know if I'm any good so please tell me what I'm doing wrong as a review

Chapters will come out whenever I feel like a reponsible person

PS: I am a very indescisive person so the synopsis will change a lot, have fun with that.

PPS: I am terrible at writing synopsises.

 So I'm reading this a few years later and my god its shocking no one shot me in the head when I was younger. But uh, people have been DMing me asking if this story has stopped, which it has. (why was I allowed on the internet during my EdgeLord Phase, I don't know, but someone really should have stopped me) But thanks to all the people who read this, it really does mean a lot.


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The Era Before(Discontinued)

The Era Before(Discontinued)
by Josh12x
211 pages

Ryu is happily playing his favorite game one day on a normal old fashioned monitor, before he knew it his conciousness was fading, a sexy woman telling him to "shhh.." was his last fleeting memory. The shelter of his home, his mother, and all of his video games has vanished. He's left awoken in a brutal and barbaric world where the strong rule. This is the story about the forging of an avatar called Rosie. The flames burn high, but the sparkle in the light awes you. You will read the story of Rosie, how she came to be, what she will do, the next blanket she will claim as her god, and the next head she'll chop off. You do not fuck with Rosie.


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Blooming Thorn in Another World

Blooming Thorn in Another (...)
by zedeine99
3.1k pages

In this world, heroes are summoned from another world because of the threat brought by the devils. Each of this heroes are granted with blessing from the Spirit Goddess and possesses extraordinary powers to fight and to repel the devils.

But among these summoned heroes, an irregular appeared. A little girl is among them. The little girl doesn't have the qualities to be one of the heroes nor have the power to be so. She only tries to settle a peaceful life inside the castle for her own convenience.

But in this world full of mystery, she will be drag outside to the world to witness the wonders and all the suffering and pain this world could offer.

In a world where she is under powered and suffers from having a frail and immature mentality, will she survive and prevail or will she break first and suffers a crushing defeat from this world's absurdness.


PS: This Novel contains Multiple POV and an almost rape scene (just a single chapter). Read at your own risk


Warning: Tagged 15+ for Gore, Violence, and Strong Language.

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The Kitten Who Conquered an Empire

The Kitten Who Conquered (...)
by SoWhat101
79 pages

Kumon, A japanese high school girl died saving three kittens from being drown after being thrown in a plastic bag and reincarnated by the God with three wishes to fulfill her desire. Follow the journey of a reincarnated kitten and how she conquered an Empire while pursuing her wish to sleep peacefully.

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