Everybody Loves Large Chests

The seven day binge of all things boxxy

When i initially heard of this story i dismissed it as just another rehash of the litrpg monster "trope" one fateful day i was bored out of my mind with No more chapters in my story feed, and i decided. You know what to hell with it lets read this. Within the first few chapters the story had already set itself apart from many of Its brethren by completely forgoing the unneccesary reincarnation of some random dude into said monster. This made the monsters character as a monster more believeable than If some pudgy No-lifer died and had to be said monster. The only Real gripe i have is the short story arc after koras first summoning as it temporarily devolved into a smutfest of below average quality. Now at the end of my binge to catch up Im left wanting more of this higly entertaining story

Last flames of the Old World.
  1. I went into reading this story expecting another crappy cliche story i have come out the other end with a vastly different opinion. 
  2. The overall style is good. You go into details but not so much it becomes annoying. The ratio of PoVs between the mc and the side characters lies at a sweetspot of not too much time spent away from The mc. i really like how you use unreliable narrators frequently throughout your story
  3. The story as of today 1st of december 2016 feels reasonably fleshed out with a nice trickle of backstory in the form of flashbacks.
  4. Im not all that uptight about grammar, but i do think the editor has done a marvolous job.
  5. the characters whilst exagerated are still pretty realistic for their setting. They seem reasonably well rounded out. There are holes in some of the characters. For. Now these can be chucked up to them being relatively new in The story.
  6. overall this story has Got me excited for more and i Think its Well written.

A Ghost Life
It's a cool story, especially with the main character being such a funny dunce, but you should work a bit on your grammar.