Reaper of the Martial World

I got to chapter 17 or so before I just couldn't go on.  

On the surface this novel is a generic power fantasy/ wish fulfillment Xanxia novel.

The novel is quite entertaining if you can get over the fact that the Mc is only 13 years old, but is somehow better at everything than everyone he meets.  For example he learns  incredibly advanced skills in a couple hours. Skills that take so called "geniuses" years to learn  even the foundations of.  The kid (Mc) is simply too unrealistic and "perfect" for me to become invested in his character.  

That's all well and good, and if that was the only problem I have with this novel I would probably still be reading it, using it as a relaxing break where I can zone out and not think too much.

Unfortunately the author made that impossible. 

The Mc is only 13 he's constantly flirting and sexually attracted to every beautiful female character that he meets, which is every female character.  The young girls in this novel are always depicted in quite the sexual manner ( 13- 15 year olds)  and every single conversation the young boy of an Mc has with these girls is in someway about getting together with them. 

I'm a man in my late 20s. I might like a good coming of age story or young adult novels a little more than I'd like to admit, but this was impossible for me.

I don't want to be picturing young girls in a sexual manner.  This novel had slight promise, but the only thought I have after reading almost 20 chapters is how uncomfortable this novel made me feel.