1. Re: Why is my ranking going down?

      So I guess all you need to get a novel rank in front is to get more readers... I will try my best, thank you all...

    2. Re: Why is my ranking going down?

      It's been edited guys, the internet connection closed last time so it took some time but it's done now, plz read it and let me know about anything regarding the story. I look forward to getting feedbacks (...)

    3. Re: Why is my ranking going down?

      Sorry guys... I posted the unedited version of chapter 1 in the story, maybe that's why... Thanks a lot guys, I will tell you guys after I upload the edited chapter...

    4. Why is my ranking going down?

      Even when i am releasing chapters in like a week or so, my rank still keeps decreasing. What does that mean... Deas that mean my story isn't getting enough interest from readers? I admit that I am new (...)

    5. Re: my subconscious is killing me

      Thanx... i just don't couldn't bring myself to do that y'know,  but now i know thanx to you so i appreciate all your answers including all those from before... really.

    6. Is my novel really worth all the time effort

      I have been thinking about all the time i had spent writing the few chapters of my story, i really enjoyed it. but when i look at the time spent there and the things i should have done but didn't do, i (...)

    7. my subconscious is killing me

      Is it okay to post my chapters in another site different from RR? This is killilng me y'know...

    8. Re: I wish I could stay here and swim around in royal road but...

      At least y'all have alternatives... y'know it sucks to think that I will continue to use internet this way for a long time, and that's a fact because our area has had a really bad connection from the dawn (...)

    9. 50 by just 4

      I just got a notification that I got my 50'th view on my 4'th chapter release y'know... as a rookie I am really happy... man!

    10. I wish I could stay here and swim around in royal road but...

      This is crazy man! Everytime I think about digging around in royal road I get a pop up on my screen that my internet connection is slow... I wish I had faster internet connection. Would you believe me (...)

    11. Ask for help

      Hey guys. I need some help with my grammar and way of writing so if y'all could help me i would be thankfull... My first LN on royal road, it's called "The Demon Apostle". Please help me out...

    12. Introduction

      Hey Readers! All good? I am salads4breakfast, a rookie writer, and i uploaded two chapters about my new novel 'The Demon Apostle' and I hope you enjoy reading it...