I hate leaving reviews because every time I do, the story goes on hiatus or the author publishes on amazon...so just in case, I apologize in advance if this happens! The story is great. I love the ambiance of this, the ghouls and evolutions of the undead and our mc , getting more and more bad ass. This is a must read, please do not stop writing...please god


I don’t really spend money at all w/ patron but I did for this, can’t stop reading. It is a good read, and fun, w/ adventure. This hits all marks for me. Thank you

Villain Throne

Please don’t stop, this is great!

The synopsis, and the start make u think it’s gonna be about a edgy guy, but then takes a 180 and is about a girl in a military academy, and has to awaken her power. I think after the training arc the story picks up speed, the tournament arc does bring back the guy from the first chapter so that’s a cool story with him so far. I like the story, it’s great , the chapters are long, please don’t stop, it would be depressing. 

[ The Administrator ]

very good....now I have to read this everyday to get my fix...thank you!✌️️

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

story is funny, and intense. great read so far, and i need more 

The Great Tower

this is great, surprising chars and bad a** fights, story is great, one of my favs that's for sure


Awaken Online

best LN I have read in long time

 veeerrrry good, worth the read, long chapters, interesting char's, amazing and I am geeking out over it

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

one of the better reads i had in a long time, something i can binge read for hours without even noticing time going by......love this 

Change: New World

dont stop writing , amazing story , char are interesting, cher is the best tho! thank you thank you