1. Re: Alright! You've seen what DOESN'T work for Marketing, how about telling us what that was so we can learn (...)

      What doesn't work: advertising on forum, review swaps, asking for feedback. Most users don't use forum and don't care too much about reviews. What works: posting daily and consistently, shout-outs from (...)

    2. Re: What makes your story stand out?

      For my story, there are at least three reasons, but I'll just list one because why not: the mc is like a magic swordsman, but he uses axes instead of swords.

    3. Re: Underrated Genres/Genre-Mashups?

      Lovecraftian + slice of life + comedy You'll get hundreds(possibly thousands) of followers if you write those. I kid you not. I'm trying, I wish it was that easy.  :DrakanFascinating: Yeah, (...)

    4. Re: Underrated Genres/Genre-Mashups?

      Not really niche, but I haven't seen these genres mashup often: Xenomorph + smut Lovecraftian + slice of life + comedy Historical fantasy + xianxia/cultivation + kingdom-building God mc + vilainess (...)

    5. Re: Anybody that says non-LitRPG can do well on here is a liar

      I'll take this as a challenge, write a non-litrpg story, and get at least 300 followers.

    6. Re: Niche Genre - How To Find Fans?

      Blahhhh, not my thing. I don’t like power fantasies or wish fulfillment except in dating sims, and even then it’s… questionable. I don’t need to be the next great author of RR’s times, and even if I (...)

    7. Re: Niche Genre - How To Find Fans?

      Just write wish-fulfilment stories. You don't need mainstream genres to do that, though they help. You can advertise as much as you want, but it'll be pointless if most people don't like the core premise. (...)

    8. Re: What are the current trends in YA Fantasy market?

      Faeries. Male faeries, to be precise.

    9. Re: What is the point of extremely long novels?

      Money, duh. Also, you're severely underestimating web novel readers. They're willing to read 1M+ words even if the story's gone stale or repetitive at that point.

    10. Re: What's the biggest achievement in your writing history to date?

      Someone recently commented that I've written the best (and most reckless) mc of all times. I know it's just his opinion, but I can't help thinking that out of all stories he read, he picked mine on the (...)

    11. Re: I just got the worst rating.

      Just turn off the option to see star rating. And contrary to your belief, ratings are not that important for people since many stories have bad ratings yet people still read them.

    12. Re: What am I doing wrong, right, and what could I do differently?

      If you want to have more followers, well sorry to say that you've written the wrong kind of story (at least for this site). Review swaps? Pfft. They don't matter in gaining followers, no matter how much (...)

    13. Re: First Chapter Swap

      Since you've already given feedback on my novel's first chapter, maybe it's my turn to give mine (though probably not as in-depth as yours). TL;DR: the quality of your first chapter is good but terrible (...)

    14. Re: How to Move Out of the Stagnant Followers Phase?

      It's been 10 months since I posted my story here, and while I just returned from a 4-month long hiatus, even before then, I've been stuck at around 360 followers for at least half of the total time. (...)

    15. Re: Novel Rewrite

      Is it fine to delete the entire chapters and replaced it with new ones, or just create new novel instead? Assuming the rewrite version isn't much different from the old one. The plot and the important (...)

    16. RE: My First Novel... Review Me Please.

      This isn't a review, but there's only one feedback for you. Fix your early chapters. You're doing great after chapter 9. Although there were too many info dumps, it's pretty much the only flaw -- at (...)

    17. RE: Need an editor

      I'll try to run through the first chap when I have time but for now I PR'd the synopsis a bit: "Kane, who was once a mighty axe saint and master blacksmith, fell from his glory after completing his (...)

    18. Need an editor

      Well, as the title says, I really need an editor for at least a chapter. Here's my fiction Thanks for reading.