Feuer der Veraenderung

Feuer der Veraenderung

New Australia (A LitRPG)

What can I say. There seems to be character development going on, mc has a cheat but seems not to be op (just incredible strong for his level) and the background story also seems interesting (not too much is revealed as of chapter 22 since there are no infodumps).


Furthermore I find nice that the stats do something (strength makes the mc more muscular etc.).

I hate being wed in a fantasy world!

Warning the story contains good written non OP flawed characters

I like the story. Volume 1 was great. Volume 2 wasn't as good as 1. Volume 3 at the other hand was amazing and Volume 4 has started good.


Many of the negativ reviews seem to be coming from people who want to see all knowing and OP characters, if you want this sort of characters than the story isn't for you. If you want at the other hand a funny story with growing characters than this story is right for you.

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

Massiv ammounts of skill and stats and nothing else

Massiv ammount of skills and stats, which don't fell special in any way and the rest of the story is mediocre and is only interesting if you just want to see skill growth and (as far as I have seen) good grammar.


Everyone who wants non flat characters, story or an interesting setting should read something else.



[Do You Wish To Start A New Game?] - [Yes/No]

Best story ever, the amount of content is mind blowing.



(at the point of this review the story has 0 chapters...)


The urge to laugh evil

I get somehow the urge to laugh evil while reading this fiction, I like that

Rise Of The Dark Queen

I think the story has great potential. But at the moment there a few things which I find annoying (the MC is naive and too peacefull), at the otherside this things allow for a strong charakter development ^^.